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Red Line won't be fully back to its old self until October, MBTA says

The State House News Service reports.

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Get well soon, old friend.

I guess I can understand why it will take until February to fix the damage; a problem like that can't be solved until June and when you take a look at it you understand why Spring of 2021 isn't really a realistic target, which it why the repairs will take until the summer of 2025


Remember when Faker told the press on July 25 that he was not satisfied with the lack of progress on Red Line repairs, and said he would speed things up? A man of action, Charlie Faker!!!


to brainstorm better and faster ways to fix Red Line problems and plan comprehensive solutions.

They will deliver their report in early 2030.

And Charlie Baker still has good hair.

i.e. actually October 2020 or more realistic?


Do we have to stop at "its old self"? That wasn't very good either...


New track, new signals, new cars, and by the time it's finished, more trains with shorter headways than before the derailement.

Well, not really - at least, none of us will ever experience it. They're converting a short section of Track 61 (the rail that runs along the Southie Bypass to the BCEC) into a "new test track" for the new train cars. I don't really understand the point, considering that they've been testing the new Orange Line cars from the same manufacturer on existing tracks for a year or so now with no apparent problems.


The article doesnt explicitly say October of 2019


I'm sure employees' and decision makers' summer vacations were also a factor in the delays.



Couldn't these losers do the same job with humans doing the signaling?

This is simply outrageous -- I understand it's a significant amount of work to repair the signals, but I also don't care. If you need more experts/workers to get the job done faster, get those experts/workers from other parts of the country if not available here. There's no excuse for holding Red Line commuters hostage for so long.

Also, how about NOT CHARGING FULL FARES south of Boston until service is restored?

On my way back from the South Shore Plaza today, the train I was on was sitting at EVERY SINGLE STATION for almost 20 minutes. The operator kept saying "Lots of traffic up ahead" but I wasn't buying it. At North Quincy, I got fed up, and took the 210 to Fields Corner, the 19 to Ruggles and the ORange Line home. Now when the Red Line makes the Orange Line look good, you know the T borked up!