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Something fishy going on at the Charles River dam

A lot of fish in the Charles River

UPDATE: The fish are dying now.

Theodore Hook spotted a ton of swirling pogies at the Charlestown locks this morning.

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Herring headed back out to sea?

(Pogies) are not anadromous. Alewives and Blueback Herring are, but they run in the spring.



Dammit! I miss 'FNX!

Yesterday (Sunday) morning just before sunrise they were jumping out of the water at the same location. Every other second a new one would flop out of the water and then disappear. Very cool to see.

I believe the fish usually come upstream to spawn between Mother's Day and Father's Day (appropriately), so I would have thought they would all have been locked through by the locktenders by now. Were these fish heading back out to the sea?

The fish ladders at the Charles River Dam have been a death trap for decades. Credit goes to the locktenders for locking through the fish even when there are no boats coming in or out. It would be nice if they replaced the fish ladder that actually works, but the locks are OK for now.


That's one of those jobs that I really wonder how you get. What are the qualifications, etc...?

I have some better ideas. Care to discuss them over dinner along with the Cormorants?

Fish in a barrel!

that the salmon don't really LIKE the cannon.

Word is, the sample group they tried went ballistic.

Something is fishy in Charlestown. Magoo.