Spring is here! The Fens have caught fire

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In an annual rite of spring, the Back Bay Fens burst into flames shortly before 11 this morning, sending a thick plume of smoke high into the air. One person with burns was rescued from the Muddy River at the scene of the brush fire, near the Boston Fire Department's dispatch center.

The Fens are one of three Boston areas where brush tends to catch fire in the spring - the others being Stony Brook Reservation, where West Roxbury, Roslindale and Hyde Park meet, and the reeds along the Neponset River in Dorchester.



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Mow the damn things every

Mow the damn things every week during the growing season already.

Get the legislature to pass an amendment to the wetlands act to strip invasive species of protections. It was a stupid oversight in an old law and it needs to be changed.


Invent a large mower that

Invent a large mower that operates on mud and shallow water (maybe flotation tires?), and can handle reeds (phragmites) and make millions.

Better yet an annual controlled burn (or two) and some eradication efforts by volunteers and those doing community service hours could help.


Humans are a really harmful invasive species, so don't forget about changing laws to allow extermination of them.

Homeless in the reeds

The homeless residents are back for the annual encampments. Was there yesterday .I didn't see the tents yet, but the future residents of those tents are back. All the areas burned also had residents as of last summer.
Btw I'm not saying they set the fire. I dont know who set the fire The ground was wet but the reeds are dry.


Was there yesterday as well.

Was there yesterday as well. Drug users are prevalent on both sides of the muddy river in the fens including near the children's playground which is littered with recreational drug needles.


Dialogue track at the Boston

Dialogue track at the Boston Fire Dept alarm hub center immediately after shortly before 11 this morning:

We've got a signal from pullbox #0001

#0001? Where's that?

I forget the exact cross-streets, lemme get the list.

I don't think I've ever gotten a signal from 0001.

I was on-duty when we got one, just about this same time last spring. Or was it two years ago?

Interesting. Say - do you smell smoke?

Box 12-1591

Boston Fire Alarm Dispatch at 59 The Fenway is Box 12-1591. This is a sub of Box 1591 which is Boylston & Fenway

Smelled smoke, heard

Smelled smoke, heard helicopters: yes, spring is here!


a) hope nobody was hurt.
b) if Adam was a tour guide telling me on a damp spring day which is definitely not hot that the "fens" a wetlands, tends to catch fire every spring, I'd be like wtf why? that is despite the smokey evidence. really. why is we shit burning today? and um why does this happen every year

The ground may be wet ...

But all those tall reeds are pretty dry, as somebody mentioned above. Similar situation along the Neponset, where it widens out just before the harbor. In Stony Brook, no major marshlands, but plenty of leaves and fallen twigs and stuff for somebody to set on fire, whether accidentally or not (I mean, I've seen people with campfires in there, granted, among the rock outcrops down by the pond, but still).



There go the weekend plans.. its gonna be a nice warm evening Friday and Saturday. Great time um.. garden, yeah thats it....

Dont worry Cybah

Even though this fire burned almost all the reeds except for one patch, they will grow back as they always do. They will be as high as an elephants eye by July.

oh I am not

I know all about the victory gardens.

Usually by pride weekend the reeds are back and high enough.

Also just in time for red sox high season..