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State Police say newborn just needed a good burp

State Police report that a trooper who has a four-month old himself managed to get a baby who had stopped breathing back into the pink in the parking lot of the McDonald's on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton this afternoon.

State Police say Trooper John Arone responded around 5:40 p.m. to a distress call to 911 for an 8-day-old baby who had stopped breathing.

The mother, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with the baby on her lap and the door open, informed Trooper Arone that the baby had stopped breathing and was turning blue. Trooper Arone updated responding EMS.

Trooper Arone, a father of a 4-month-old himself, quickly assessed the situation, confirmed the baby was not breathing, and checked the infant’s airway. The Trooper did not see anything blocking the airway. Then he loosened the baby’s swaddling and gave the infant a pat on the back. This caused the baby to give a great, big belch and to release an air bubble and a large amount of saliva and formula. The baby boy began to breathe again and started crying, which surely was the best sound everyone present will hear for a long time.

The baby was brought into the McDonald’s to keep him warm. Boston EMS arrived and checked all the baby’s vital signs. The child and mother were then both transported to Children’s Hospital to be evaluated.



glad everything worked out alright

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Hooray for a first responder who knew to check the airway and give the baby a pat on the back! And above all, to keep his head.

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It's called a BRUE (brief resolved unexplained event).


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