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Steam-pipe leak showers downtown street with white stuff

White material on Summer Street downtown

Crew examines car turned white by material spewed by pipe. Photo by the Fort Pointer.

Update: The stuff included asbestos.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 99 Summer St., near Kingston Street, around 5:30 a.m. after "e steam leak earlier sprayed unknown debris in the area."

Veolia crews were called in both to fix the leak and determine what the white stuff was. The Globe reports the substance tested negative for anything dangerous, but that Summer will be shut to Surface Road overnight to allow for additional testing.

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Now the steam pipes are being programmed to spray CHEMTRAILS.

Norman: coordinate.

Wasn't this the plot of the 2nd Ghostbusters movie?


.... filmed just a few blocks away in Chinatown.


Think what you might of either Ghostbusters II (1989) or the remake/reboot/whatever from 2016, but the 1989 movie was filmed in NYC & LA

The remake was partially filmed in Chinatown.

But if nobody watched the movie did it actually happen.

(1989) Starring John Laroquette and Bronson Pinchot. One of the scenes had the front part of an airliner coming down State Street I believe after losing it's wing in the Callahan Tunnel or something (Hollywood Geography folks). I will always remember this movie for the use of Boston's Chinatown locations and seeing that airliner in the early morning coming down State Street from the Fanueil Hall area. I worked at the old Milk Street garage at the corner of Milk and State Streets before they changed it into a Park with the garage underneath.

Thanks for the tip. I will have to research this movie with Balki & Dan Fielding.

at the corner of Milk and State Streets

Milk and State run roughly parallel. I assume you are thinking of the Post Office sq parking garage turned park.

I meant Congress Street. It came down Congress Street.