Suspect in January's late-night kidnapping ordered held without bail; now also charged with rape


Victor Pena of Charlestown was ordered held without bail today pending a dangerousness hearing on March 15, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA has filed additional charges against Pena, 38, but Charlestown Municipal Court Judge Lawrence McCormack sealed the paperwork for now, at a hearing that followed Pena's stay at Bridgewater for observation following his arrest last month. WBZ reported the new charges are three counts of aggravated rape.

Pena is charged with forcing a woman who had exited Hennessy's on Union Street on Jan. 19 to come with him on the Orange Line to Community College, where he allegedly then forced her to walk to his apartment in the Bunker Hill development. Using witness statements, surveillance video and phone records, authorities traced the two to his apartment, where they found found the woman alive and physically unharmed.

At the time of his arrest, police had said they were investigating whether Pena might be involved in any similar cases.

At the dangerousness hearing, a judge will determine whether Pena can have bail set or whether he poses an immediate threat to the public and should be held for up to two months.

The hearing came as a Dorchester family grieves the loss of Jassy Correia, 23, whom police say was abducted after she left Venu on Warrenton Street early Sunday.

A Providence man was arrested yesterday for kidnapping her after he was stopped on I-95 in Delaware, with, police say, Correia's body in his trunk. WPRI reports Providence authorities so far formally plan to charge him with kidnapping, refusal to report a death with intent to conceal and mutilation of a dead body.





I'm sure the reason why

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I'm sure the reason why victim was lucky to be found unharmed was because in desperation her survival mode kicked in. As a woman who endured years of domestic abuse you have to sometimes train yourself to remain calm and act like you are happy with the abuser/rapist so that you don't get hurt or killed. You can't just get up and walk out many times or get up an leave the premises when you want. Especially is the man is much bigger and stronger than you as was in this case. Sad, but a reality.

And as for Jassy's case, I'm so angry that


Does 3 counts mean...

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He raped her three times? And when they found her was she being restrained some how? Interested in hearing the details about this one.


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Do you need to know if she was being restrained and how many times she might have been raped? She could have been terrorized enough to not try to leave even if physically he didn't have her in shackles. In any event, a quick google search on what "multiple counts" means (according to google): "Each count is a separate set of facts and circumstances that are alleged to constitute the crime. Basically they are alleging that the defendant did something twice if there are two counts related to the same charge. So two counts of Possession means that on two separate occasions or possibly two separate types of drugs the defendant possessed drugs. These are serious charges. You should make sure you are represented by an attorney."


I don't NEED to know

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I'm curious about the circumstances related to it. In the same way I'm curious about what happened to Jassy. But apparently being curious is some sort of indictment around here. Since we all come to this site to read local Boston news, doesn't it stand to reason we're all curious?


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You're a ghoul and it's none of your business.



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Something about this comment is sickly voyeuristic. Whether or not she was physically restrained is basically pointless. Even if she was not, I would bet she was being threatened.


I'm sorry everyone

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I've never raped anyone, and I don't know anyone who ever has, and I was GENUINELY curious if three counts meant he raped her three times. Why is being CURIOUS a problem? You all realize you learn new things by asking questions right? And I asked if she was restrained because there must've been some reason she couldn't escape, right? Is that weird? The people on this site man I'll tell ya, you guys are quick to assume the worst.

I never implied she wasn't threatened.

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Reading comprehension is our friend. Granted I don't comment here much anymore, and for some reason there's a group that thinks I'm some sort of victim blamer, but I was just asking questions on a comment section. That is what a comment section if for right?

Never heard of that

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And I truly was not trying to be insensitive or victim-blame. I was just curious if three counts meant he raped her three times, or if there was some other way they could charge him that many times. Either way he deserves to rot in jail.
Life is short people, stop being comment Nazis and learn reading comprehension.