Tagger arrested in the Back Bay

William Ellery Channing all tagged up on Arlington Street in the Back Bay

Fresh tagging on William Ellery Channing on Arlington at Boylston. Photo by Gvoysey.

Boston Police report arresting a man with a spray-paint can of blue paint on charges he tagged up at least two Back Bay locations early this morning.

Police did not say if Angel Rodriguez, 37, is the same man State Police are looking for in connection with "Class Warfare" and "Sick" tags that keep getting sprayed on the State House, various other buildings on Beacon Hill and the Fiedler footbridge.

Police say officers responding to a call about somebody spraying something at 287 Berkeley St., Between Beacon and Comm Ave. around 5:40 a.m., found Rodriguez, approached and "immediately smelled the odor of fresh paint coming from Rodriguez’ clothing and observed blue paint on his jacket.."

Police say that after Rodriguez removed his hands from his pockets, the officers removed a single can of blue spray paint from his jacket.

They charged him with malicious destruction of property by graffiti/tagging.

Police add they found graffiti matching what they found on Berkeley Street a couple blocks away, at 425 Boylston St., at Berkeley.

Innocent, etc.

287 Berkeley Street, Back Bay. While en route, officers observed blue spray paint on a construction site wall in the area of 425 Boylston Street.



Free tagging: 



Quirky Local History

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This is kind of a sidetrack, but that Channing statue always reminds me of a quirky bit of local history. In the late 60s and early 70s there were "hawkers" that sold the old original Phoenix and Boston After Dark newspapers on the street. No stores (except maybe headshops) would carry these "underground" publications in those days. Hawkers, who were all young hippies, bought them wholesale for something like 5 cents and sold them for a quarter. As the 70s went on and these publications went mainstream the hawkers eventually faded away. Except one lone guy. He had long hair and a big beard and he sold the Phoenix every Saturday well into the 80s from that statue. He would go up to cars and such. By that point, well into middle age, he was a very incongruous site. I'm not sure people knew what to make of him or knew that there had even ever been hawkers.



Sounds more like his repeat performances were well attended by police.



Oh, I see - hard to narc about what little you can see from your mommy's basement.


if you think this is graffiti...

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It's you who is the boring normie because anyone who knows what graffiti art is would not point to this as an example. You're trying to be cool but you don't know what graffiti is.


Awful, innit?

Hey Bob, you’re a boring normal. Your opinions are uninteresting.

You don't even know the worst of it. Half the time I can't even cue up a vinyl LP without scratching it. And I buy mass-market ketchup!


Hey y'all, gotta give it up for Thomas!

He is just so much woker than the rest of us philistines who can't appreciate the beauty of ranty words sprayed on those yucky old buildings and monuments! If you are lucky enough to see one of these artists at work, stand back and admire the birth of a masterpiece. Whatever you do, don't narc out the artist! Call "Art Forum"!


Middle-aged man using blue

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Middle-aged man using blue spray paint to write rants on buildings... time to grow up, or perhaps have a 7 year old introduce him to twitter to legally express his grievances.


law and order fascist

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The illegality is the point and purpose of street art, especially someone declaring the reality of class war.

You use the word "fascist"

I do not think it means what you think it means.

"I want law enforcement to to stop people from destroying stuff that I own or that my taxes pay for," is not generally considered a fascist position.

The old St Cloud Hotel (where

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The old St Cloud Hotel (where Aquitaine Restaurant is) was also tagged in the same color with "Google Epstein + the Clintons"

seems like the same person


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Drove by about 9:30 am this morning and someone from the Arlington street church was hanging a rainbow flag across the graffiti to cover it up.



He succeeded with one thing

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I googled “William Ellery Channing”.

I don’t see where the controversy is with this Channing. I may have faults with his theology, but this is America.

what a loser

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37 years old and out tagging statues. Get a life.

This Kind of "Artist"???

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The person in question is not an Artist -- this individual is a Criminal

They have nothing to say except how valueless they are

However, rather than jail -- they need to be sentenced to cleaning every bit of their "Art" -- just as recompense to the Citizens of the Commonwealth, Citizens of Boston, Parishioners of the Church in question and all of the other damaged parties

But further as an actual punishment and perhaps a deterrent -- they need to keep cleaning until All of the similar malicious vandalism in Boston is gone -- that might turn out to be a "Life Sentence"

The big irony

This guy could have gotten money from the city to make public art and express his views of class warfare.

Like rain on your wedding day, etc.