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They grow up so fast

Longer Orange Line train

Roving UHub photographer BradM spotted this six-car brand-spanking-new Orange Line train sitting above across the Mystic around 9:20 this morning. Almost looks like that thing will be ready to roll into actual service, weary Orange Line riders can only hope (you may recall the T had originally said it would get at least one all new Chinese-by-way-of-Springfield Orange Line train in service by the end of 2018).

They're so cute when they're little.




Huh. It says this article was posted in 2019. But we have no new orange line trains in service. Huh. Did the MBTA lie? Must be a typo. Will hang my 2018 calendar back up once I fish it out of the recycling bin.

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i only in half jest have been saying 2020 for a while now.
funny there have been no glowing reports for a while now from the T or the Governor about these trains >

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"MBTA officials announced Monday that the debut of the first new train in what will ultimately be a full fleet replacement on the Orange Line has been delayed, and won’t enter service until 'early spring.'"

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