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They probably honked at people to get out of their way

Goslings on East Berkeley Street in the South End

If you raced into J.J. Foley's and announced you'd just seen all these geese waddling down East Berkeley Street, you think they'd believe you or order you out for having already had too much to drink? Roving UHub photographer Monty C. might have wondered that this morning, except it was too early to duck into the South End bar.



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I assume that is the large family of geese that has been moving up and down the Fort Point Channel (looks to be four adults and 15-20 goslings). Despite the large amount of poop they produce, I have enjoyed seeing them there and I am a bit distressed to see a photo of them in traffic walking away from a water source (the goslings can't fly yet and they need to be in a place where they can reach water by foot).

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There were at Shawmut @ emerald court late in the afternoon. Shawmut was a landmine of goose poop. (Goslings were actually pooping while sitting there napping. sigh)


(not sure why the double image - can never seem to get that right on uhub)

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This might be a regular pilgrimage. The end of the fort channel is directly east of this picture, and that tiny green space is covered in goose poop. Sometimes the geese are there but the homeless people have set up their summer camp.

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They are just pawns employed to "normalize" the idea of birds taking over the street until the TLF makes their big move.

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A few days after these photos were taken, a large group of geese showed up at the Public Garden:

I'm no goosepert, but it looks like it may have been the same group of geese (four adults and 15 goslings). Up until Tuesday June 18 I would regularly see them when walking through the park. Today (Wed 06/19) no sign of any of them. The goslings still can't fly, and it is certainly possbile that they left on foot since that seems to be how they got there, but does anyone know if the Parks Department may have forcibly relocated the geese, perhaps because of the poop problem that comes with them? A bit sad if they were able to make their way along city streets from the dirty water of the Fort Pont Channel to the nice clean water and grass of the Public Garden, only to be banished.

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Are they heading for the river?

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