Tough Boston gulls don't just swallow rats whole, they also strip cars for parts

Seagull ripping a windshield wiper apart in East Boston

Cdiddy reports finding this seagull busy tearing apart one of his car's windshield wipers in East Boston today.

The rat-swallowing seagull of the North End.


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Seagulls like rubber and rubber adhesives. They will peck at the seams in rubber roofs to eat the rubber and glue.
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Okay. Right.

It didn't affect rats or seagulls, just the things that compete with them or eat them.

"Boston - The New Bodega Bay!"

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Next thing you know they'll be gathering at the gas stations along Morrisey Blvd. and the gas tanks along I-95!

Clam-like Substance?

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I wonder if the texture is appealing - sort of like rubbery sea life, freshly picked from a piling and dropped on a wharf to break it open?

Poor gulls - not much unfrozen trash around for them to upcycle.

I used to attend Army Reserve

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I used to attend Army Reserve weekend drills at a unit in the seaport. Our mechanics had to get a couple of those bobble head owls to keep the seagulls away, because they were ripping the wiper blades off the trucks.