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West Roxbury man, a Boston Latin graduate, murdered for his gold chain, prosecutors say

Fouad Baghdad-Zouggagh

NBC Boston reports prosecutors today charged that Fouad Baghdad, 25, died early Saturday because Bryan Rice, 22, wanted his gold chain.

Rice was ordered held without bail today at his arraignment on charges he murdered Baghdad around 2 a.m. on Saturday outside 101 Canal St., where he allegedly spotted Baghdad-Zouggagh sitting on the curb after an evening with friends at a nearby sports bar. The owner of the gun, Anthony Baptista-Goncalves, 24, was charged as an accessory to murder. Both were ordered held without bail.

Rice allegedly tried to wrestle Baghdad’s gold chain and medallion off of him, allegedly shooting and killing Baghdad when he fought back, prosecutors said.

Baghdad-Zouggagh grew up and lived in West Roxbury and attended Boston Latin School. After graduation in 2013, he went to Bentley University in Waltham.

Innocent, etc.



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Sickening,special place in
hell for scum like this!

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This yesterday and the two docs killed by an illegal alien.

Both circumstances are absolutely tragic.

This young man seemed like any other good natured Boston kid just out having a good time. Educated and a great work ethic.

It’s tragic and could have been me or any one of my friends just out enjoying life.

RIP in Peace.

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This yesterday and the two docs killed by an illegal alien.

For the record, Bampumim Teixeira was here legally, and I fail to see what he (or his immigration status) has do with this tragic murder?

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The only reason that this excrement was allowed to stay in the country was due to a legal loophole. He was a serial criminal that some leftie judge looked the other way on his previous crimes:


And now two people are dead and their families (and patients) are destroyed.

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Did you read what's in your own link? Can't see how this adds up to a "leftie judge." "At his hearing in September, prosecution and defense attorneys made a joint motion for a 364-day jail sentence." And...

Jake Wark, a spokesman for the Suffolk District Attorney, told WBZ-TV the sentence was appropriate based on the facts of the unarmed robbery cases and Teixeira’s lack of any previous criminal history. He described Teixeira as a legal permanent resident of the United States since 2010."
“No plea in any criminal case automatically results in a person being deported,” Wark wrote in an email. “In fact, federal immigration law is so complex and variable that state prosecutors strive to focus our work on accountability in Massachusetts courts, where, for this defendant, they obtained a nine-month committed sentence followed by three years of court supervision on a case that involved no weapon, no actual use of force, and no injuries.”

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will just always associate being brown with criminality.

more commonly we call that racism and bigotry.

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Sympathies to his family and friends.

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All the little psychopaths , they look like you and me.

Rip brother

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No piece of jewelry or phone or money or any other thing is worth losing your life over. If scum tries to rob you, please give them what they want. Your family will be thankful that they didn't lose you.

[Note: NOT blaming the victim. He should not have been killed. Period. Just sharing the advice my father taught me as a kid growing up in NYC.]

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There are plenty of criminals that will still harm you even if you do what they want.

You are screwed either way as a victim.

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[Note: NOT blaming the victim. He should not have been killed. Period. Just sharing the advice my father taught me as a kid growing up in NYC.]

I am sure that would be comforting to any of the deceased family who might come across this and your comment.

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because no one who has ever lived in a city (or been subject to the hysteria from their imagination of what the city is) has ever, ever thought of that before.

totally new, and very useful information.

next they're going to go on and on about Total Situational Awareness. Or maybe is that the sole domain of other UHub regulars?

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The shooter did not say he had a gun on him, I'm pretty sure if he had said I have a gun on me or pulled out the gun to show him, the victim would've just given the chain to him. But the shooter pulled out the gun and just shot the kid.

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back in the good old bad days they just ripped the chain off your neck and ran. now i guess it takes two scumbags with a car and they shoot and kill you.

rip fouad baghdad

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Lost forgotten souls who strike and take from us causing great pain. Keep in mind boston is still breeding lots more lost forgotten souls as we speak. Beware and Be aware.

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Fouad Baghdad-Zouggagh went to Boston Latin School and was the Class of 2013. Fouad went on to attend Bentley College where he was on the Men's Swimming & Diving team. His friends said he was a humble and generous man who cared a great deal about taking care of his family.

​​​​There is a memorial fund set up:

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I remember this stuff going on in the 90s. Absolutely shameful, and tragic. My prayers go out to the family.

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