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What's the point of building a new hotel in Kenmore Square if it's just going to be destroyed in a battle between giant monsters?

Godzilla battles Ghidorah in Kenmore Square

A new trailer for "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" is out, and as keen-eyed monster hunter Chris Devers notes, a climactic battle between Godzilla and multi-headed, winged Ghidorah takes place right in our very own Hub, including in Kenmore Square.

Ghidorah girds for battle in Boston Harbor (note International Place and the Federal Reserve Bank at the left):

Monster in Boston Harbor

Ghidorah flies over humans in what is either a flying battleship over the Back Bay or the Hancock observation deck specially re-opened for the battle (discount for AAA members):

Monster over the Back Bay

Tidal wave or monster's breath about to destroy the Back Bay.

Did we miss anything?



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Looks like an improvement over the current development plans for Kenmore Square.

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The MBTA announces that green line trains will be delayed do to a police action at Kenmore station.

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Oh, wait, the tracks have just been melted by an errant Godzilla breath. Never mind.

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If only they had duked it out in winter...

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They'll have to allow more housing once the city's been destroyed.

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I wish Godzilla would aim for the Citgo sign too.

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How many more hotels do they plan to build in that area? It's ridiculous.

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some of which have since been converted to Boston University dorms, Emerson College dorms, or apartments and condominiums.

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i'm reminded of the mural that used to be in the back of Deli Haus.. the mothra stepping on a building in Kenmore. Anyone remember that?

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I was already gonna skip work the afternoon of opening day to go see this. Now?

This...is gonna be epic.

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