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White luxury SUVs seem drawn to trouble in Massachusetts

Two cars collide in Peabody

There's probably a good story behind this photo that Craig Caplan took on Rte. 1 in Peabody at lunchtime today. Note the involvement of a white SUV, similar to the white SUV involved in that other notable recent incident that made all the papers and the national news (although granted, this is a Lexus; the other was an Infiniti).

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I once met a stripper named Lexus. I bet that Accord is getting a lap dance.

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but whenever I see drivers doing something stupid in the Boston area, it’s always disproportionately Toyota drivers. Idk if it’s like this in other parts of the country.

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Driver drops phone, driver lunges for phone, driver can't quite get it, driver flits eyes back to the front for a second, sees something that shouldn't be right in front of them, makes one final lunge for phone while also steering in what seems like the right direction, climbs other car

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This photo shows one of the things that I worry about as "regular car" driver. The ever-increasing SUV/ "light" truck vehicle heights (the pickups are now particularly outrageous) are a huge problem for visibility and potentially for this sort of thing. I am also increasingly having a problem with the attendant raised heights of headlights on such vehicles blinding me.

It's like a damned arms race out there. It seems the only way to avoid it is to get a high vehicle like everyone else, but I won't. I just can't give in to this industry push to get everyone into an SUV when my 11 year old wagon (which still gets ~30mpg on the highway) can carry the same stuff. I have had to purchase special (non-vision correcting) glasses though to cut down on the headlight glare at night (particularly when its raining).

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SUV and pick up drivers are selfish and dangerous. How the hell are pedestrians supposed to safely enter a crosswalk when a parked SUV is completely blocking their view down the street? This is not an issue with a normal height vehicle.

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This is also a huge contributor to the increasing rate of pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. over the past decade. The higher hood height and higher bumpers of ever-larger SUVs and pickups means that hitting a pedestrian is much more likely to be fatal. This Curbed article lays out the research pretty nicely, and the video there is pretty telling (and that's a medium-sized SUV that's pictured), as is the linked Detroit Free Press article.

Note that the European New Car Assessment Program (the safety test) tests cars for how they mitigate injury to pedestrians in the event of a collision. As a result, manufacturers have built in safety measures such as shock-absorbing bumpers and hoods that cushion the blow of someone being thrown on to it. Worth checking out. The NHTSA here in the US began investigating standards a few years ago, but no equivalent test of how smaller-car occupants or non-vehicle road users fare is part of the requirements today.

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