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Woman struck, killed by MBTA bus in Chelsea

Crash scene at ramp to Tobin Bridge

NBC Boston reports on the death around 5:40 a.m. on Everett Avenue, involving a Route 111 bus and a 60-year-old local resident.



Yeah saw this this morning. So sad.

While I love that the 111 gets on the tobin there (it speeds it up so much during rush hour), its also NOT pedestrian friendly to cross there. On the western side of Everett Ave, you have to cross a busy turning lane to an island to cross again to get to the sidewalk under the tobin bridge.

(see here)

And then you have MBTA buses make a sharp left turn to make the ramp

Sad, but not surprising. Almost makes me wish there was a crossing light there now.

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Question if the Transit Police investigate all accidents involving MBTA vehicles do the Mass Port police investigate all accidents on Massport property? Who decides who investigates?

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State Police are also responsible for patrolling parkways and state routes, even in Boston, even on roads you wouldn't think are state roads, like Gallivan Boulevard.

In general, in Boston, BPD and TPD seem to work really well deciding who gets to investigate what. Same for BPD and State Police, except along the South Boston Waterfront, where land that used to be container and parking space for Massport is now largely residential and office space, but State Police have stubbornly refused to cede jurisdiction of them to BPD.

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