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Abigail Adams's tenant troubles

J.L. Bell recounts the battle in 1775 between Abigail Adams and a tenant who was refusing to leave her Braintree house even as she was trying to make room for a family from Boston, which, as you might realize from the date, was at the front lines of the burgeoning Revolution - and while her husband John was in Philadelphia for the second Continental Congress.

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Sam Adams and his hooligans would have tossed Hayden out his arse.

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I have it on good knowledge Hayden was is a fine man. Sure, he'd throw a party once in a while and maybe he came home a little late and a little drunk once a fortnight but he paid good money for that place and that's his right. And that window was cracked when he moved in. She knows it.

Old lady Abby had been trying to get people like him out of the neighborhood for years. Every year she jacks up the rent. These people from Boston come in and they have no respect for the neighborhood. Where do they want farmhands to live? Sherborne? That eurotrash can go back to England where they belong. Next thing you know they'll be demanding to replace the tavern with some micro-mead place where it's like a shilling for teacup sized pour. I fucking hate those people.

Hayden has rights and he's not going anywhere. And he's not going to pay rent either until she fixes the bedroom fireplace. It has not worked for years. Abby comes up only when it's hot out and claims there isn't a problem. Such BS.

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She's 30 years old, dog-fellow. A proper young lady, though a bit on the radical side. Old man Hayden, on the other hand, he's a mean one.

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.... relinquishing his tenant’s rights until he got a fair buy out.

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