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After hearing, North End restaurant gets warning not to violate Covid-19 rules again

The Boston Licensing Board today notified the owners of Rabia's on Salem Street they better cut it out with the maskless servers, the more than six people crowded at tables, the wandering violinists popping in to play for diners.

The restaurant's manager and lawyer said last week they were no longer allowing that sort of thing, so for now, the formal warning has no effect. However, should the city find any further Covid-19 violations at the restaurant, the warning could be used to impose stricter penalties - such as a longer license suspension - than the restaurant might otherwise get.

At last week's hearing, licensing detectives noted violations found during a snap inspection as well as videos that both the restaurant and others had posted on social media, showing the violations. The manager said she was unaware that one of the neighborhood's two strolling violinists had even showed up at the restaurant, although he was featured prominently in a video the restaurant itself had posted on Instagram,

Covid-19 regulations issued by both the state and the city bar more than six patrons at a table, require employees to be masked at all times and prohibit live entertainment.


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I own a few rental properties in the North End & used to take my family out for dinner in the neighborhood several times a month. It was a favorite stop for business dinners & out of town guests. These restaurant owners have shown their true colors since March & I will never spend a penny at my old North End restaurants again.

Owners from Bricco, Mare, Il Panino, Antico Forno, Cobblestone, Terramia, Damian’s, the Monica’s restaurants & more were were gathering out in the street maskless for a rally with Dr. Shiva calling the virus a hoax in THE SPRING. They had a loud, factless tantrum on Hanover Street about their “freedom” saying they weren’t going to follow safety protocols & would sue. One of the brothers from Monica’s even got retweeted by Trump.

After a couple weeks of reporting their own egregious safety violations through every available channel, the Trump stan who owns Antico Forno, Terramia & Cobblestone was on Howie Carr whining about all the health code violations she had received as if it was some sort of conspiracy. You geniuses went to great pains to report yourselves!!

Take a look at at the personal social media of any of those restaurant owners. Look in the FEC database & see how many of them are maxed out Trump donors. These people are dangerous ideologues. They will not admit virus is real, let alone follow basic safety rules. Truly stunning considering the hundreds of thousands of Covid cases linked to the Biogen conference in the neighborhood, complete with several group dinners at the North End restaurants.

Rabia’s isn’t the only restaurant that has shown their “brazenness” during this pandemic. There should be a special detail in the North End. Shut down all of the greedy, dangerous ideologues & make room for restaurant owners who actually care about their community. Or at least can follow basic safety rules in an international public health crisis.

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"You Behave Or We Throw Away The Key".

There is a, how should I put it, a rebellion on social media against Baker by a lot of places acting all Satriallian in their defiance to Covid rules.

Sounds like the licensing board is unwilling to engage too much for fear of a bigger uprising.

So just remember, mask less and in big groups in an enclosed setting during a pandemic, but you are chest pounding against the governor; "Hey man - cut that out but you can stay open".

Some new bartender serving a 20 year old who had her sister's id that said she was 22 - Closed for three days. Got it. Way to go guys.

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I've spent more than 10 years now covering licensing board hearings and your hypothetical case is just that - hypothetical. A restaurant where a bartender serves an underage person a drink is NOT shut for three days, unless it's the latest in a long series of such incidents. Otherwise, they'll get a warning.

Go ahead, ask me about how long it took for that pizza place in Cleveland Circle to finally begin getting its license suspended for serving underage BC students (hint: It was not the first or second time).

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It goes all the way up the North Shore.

Baker is too frightened to do a full crackdown.

So, maybe I am wrong about id check, but it really seems the Governor is looking the other way with some people.

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They've gone from informal warning to formal warning?

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So, last week was an impending punishment, while this week it was an official admonishment.

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But what Waquiot said, basically.

The licensing board holds hearings and then has a separate meeting at which they consider potential punishment. So today's official warning stems from last week's hearing.

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Because it seems from social media everyones pretty much of the same opinion.

I'd like to continue to order out but not if it's to support meatheads like this jamoke.

Any suggestions?

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If only they had the same clout that the MBTA had. I was pissed to have to take the Orange Line from North Station to Forest Hills with so many people where safe distancing was impossible. I'd like to know how many daily riders are positive. Since I don't have any symptoms and I wear my mask I guess I'm safe.

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It's not really a matter of clout, the Boston Licensing Board has no jurisdiction over the MBTA.

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Nobody has jurisdiction over the MBTA, obviously.

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Is he being stalked? Doxed? Creepy. He has every right to disagree with politicians and complain about what their 'orders' have done. Severe economic damage. Public virtue signaling and shaming.Just like Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and of course Comminist-Fascist China.

As for restaurants, these extreme lockdowns, going on 1 year (not 14 days) is killing them. When the dust clears corporate chains will all that's left.

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Come back when you really understand what that means.

All of this happened at a public hearing. I didn't even name the manager, who spoke publicly, let alone the owner, who didn't have the, well, maybe "courage" is too strong a word, but he didn't show up despite posting public videos for months about how much he hates Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh.

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