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After this weekend, no more frozen custard in Brighton Center

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Abbott's Frozen Custard in Brighton Center is closing down permanently on Sunday.

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because I was under the impression that the fat content was through the roof, yet it wasn't any more delicious than say a standard lowfat soft-serve ice cream cone.

Now I've revisited their nutritional information and it seems as though yes, their vanilla custard comes through with a whopping 22 grams of fat but their chocolate only has...3 grams of fat? How does that work?


JP Licks offers similarly BS nutritional facts, claiming for example that their "hard yogurt" only contains 1.28 grams of fat per half-cup serving, with the caveat that * Flavored product nutritional values vary based on the flavor contents. Yeah, I'm sure they do. Anybody ever try their peanut butter chip hard yogurt? It's probably got about 50 grams of fat per cup.


Maybe that guy who sued Canada Dry for damages incurred by its low ginger content can try to remedy this.

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It's the sugar that will kill you anyways. Dietary fat doesn't magically move through your body and land on your thighs. Most dietary fat gets consumed for energy and useful metabolism byproducts.

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I really liked that place! We used to go there maybe 1-2 times a month when the kids were younger (more in the summer) - they had this great peanut butter sundae that really was better than JP Licks. The staff was always friendly and nice, and service was quick even when crowded.

The wife and I began vegan last fall and hadn't been there since Aug I was looking forward to some cheat days there later this month.

I'm always nostalgic for the local / low number locations of an ice cream shop.

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"Yeah, turn left at the frozen custard place on the corner..."

I admit, I've never been in there.

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is coming for you wherever you go

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several of my friends absolutely loved this place. they couldn't believe the non fat yogurt was so good! one of my friends was even an investor. after eating the non fat yogurt for a while a few of the friends started gaining weight! we started to wonder if the frozen yogurt was really "non fat"?? we decided to take the yogurt to a lab to have it tested to see if it actually contained fat. my friend, who had invested, was not happy about us getting the non fat frozen yogurt tested. he was actually dating a lab tech, at the lab where we took the yogurt for testing! we never really got a solid answer from the lab.

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They have another local location in Needham. Hopefully that will survive.

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Sugar will get you fat at least as quickly as fat I think.*

* not a dietician.

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Apparently none of the comment authors so far understands that Abbott's has been a gathering spot for families in Brighton. I've lived in Brighton Center for almost as long as Abbott's has been there. Yes, the "frozen custard" style was never my favorite (I prefer classic style ice cream like JP Licks or Lizzy's), but some of Abbott's items are quite good in their own right. Back in the day, Three Scoops down the street had a great peanut butter frozen yogurt.

Brighton Center needs these spots that help keep the neighborhood active. Cafenation closing was a huge blow. We should be rooting for more small businesses to move into the area, and stay.

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It was always hot as hell inside. The ceilings are low and making frozen desserts and storing them means the heat from the equipment has to go somewhere because you're pulling it out of the food. That heat ended up just being everywhere inside. They never gave it a good place to go. On top of that, there's no good spot on that corner to hang out either. You can go a block or two up the hill to the little park or go sit on the traffic island on the opposite corner. Brighton Center is a drag strip with Washington Street down the middle of it.

So, Abbott's was always just a to-go thing for my friends and I.

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