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Attorney general warns Bruins owner she has her eyes on him

State Attorney General Maura Healey is warning Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs he better not try to weasel out of that $1.5-million fund he says might be used to pay out-of-work Garden employees - like the Garden's owners did a couple decades ago with fundraisers that never happened for youth recreational facilities:


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Get his ass


Maybe their fans and season ticket holders could do something to send him a message as well.


Get him for what? What law has he broken?

may i have another"

Fealty to and the worshipping of the obscenely wealthy is such an alpha male trait these days, innit?

IF ANY? He's in a forced shutdown.

So as a Bruins fan you should know Jeremy Jacobs is an ass, and when he has the chance to do the right thing he always seems to fail. His statement amount supporting Garden staff "if" the last 6 games were not played was sleazy at best. That being said, I am confused about why this is the AG's business? How about all the other businesses out there that may not be paying their employees during this time - is she going to pursue them as well? Jacobs should rightfully be shamed, I'm just wondering if his lack of compassion or good business leadership should even be on the AG's list right now. If Jacobs does hold back and not pay Garden employees (at all or timely) is this an AG matter? Serious question.

Following up on things like this makes a strong case for her future political ambitions.

Only if she's operating within the law and not using her office to be a bully outside the confines of the law.

Every MA AG going back over 20 years has engaged in various not quite legal harassment of various people and industries for political gain at taxpayer expense. When a judge or the legislature finally tells the AG to knock it off, the victims are often out hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in legal fees without recourse. It's why MA needs to empower its weak-sauce Inspector General like PA did so that the two offices can keep a check on each other.

Wineries, mail order liquor, and Fells Acres hardest hit.

was not on my covid bingo card

Is Jacobs obligated to pay these workers?