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Boston Pride postpones what would have been its 50th-anniversary celebration to next year

Boston Pride organizers today announced they've postponed the Pride parade and other events scheduled for June until next year due to Covid-19 concerns.


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Better safe than sorry.

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I love this news. Stay alive everyone!

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I help run Provincetown Bear Week and we cancelled our event on Thursday of last week. It was supposed to be our 20th year, and the 400th anniversary of Provincetown.

We cancelled due to having a medical professional on our board layout a case why we should cancel. We all were in agreement before our board meeting, so hearing him speak just solidified our decision.

We thought about removing the events and still having our event.. just no 'big events'. But we wanted to encourage people stay home and be safe.

Plus we have many travelers coming from around the globe with expensive airfare and condo rentals. We wanted to make sure they had time to get their money back and/or credits so they can come in 2021.

I get it. I'm glad to see Boston Pride taking a nod. I'm not sure if we had any pull in this (as we were one of the first summer gay events to cancel), but that was our intent... To set an example to prioritize your safety over our event.

(of course this still doesn't stop a discussion on people who still will come to Ptown if there is an event or not, but that's not on us *eye roll*)

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The Monkey Bar has already announced it will be closed for the whole year. I doubt they will allow the Boatslip to have Tdance in any way shape or form.

For those looking for calm this may actually be the year to visit Ptown tbh. If things are not still completely bonkers I may give it a try for a day trip in July. I prefer social distancing of at least 6 feet around me anyway. I of course would not go if things were still like this and I suspect large crowds anywhere will not be a thing again until spring of 2021.

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The Monkey Bar has already announced it will be closed for the whole year.

Yeah that's not surprising. That places opens Memorial Day Weekend and Closes Labor Day. They are there to make a buck and close up. The owners live and own another bar called Alibi in Fort Lauderdale.. and I think their main interest is there. So not surprising.

The Crown & Anchor has cancelled some events. It is more about cancelling events as some large events like the 4th of July cost big bucks to put on. Money that would be lost of come July if they could not have the event. It sucks, but I know the owner personally and I get why he did this. I would have done the same.

As far as Tea Dance... the long range goal according to health people is allow larger crowds, but the problem with Tea dance (much like I saw today at Market Basket with lines). Now you have to do crowd control and deny entrance. They do this already during Solid Gold Tea Dance during Bear Week, and its already a mad house. I can't imagine a line of folks all standing there in line to get in, and then be told at 645 that they can't go in now, as they stood there for 2 hours waiting to get in, but could not.

And as far as people wanting to go. I'm in that crowd.. its a wait and see really. The town is very aware of all of this and is working to come up with plans to activate as soon as they are able to.

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Are spot on. Pride never went Downtown.

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I seem to recall that when I marched in the parade (we still called it a "march" and a "rally" back then) in the late 70s/early 80s it went right down Washington Street past the erstwhile Jordan Marsh and Filene's. The route was VERY long back then. Though keep in mind it was a much smaller event in those days.

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I bet the Arlington Street will still hand toll its bells as it has every Pride Day from the start.

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