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Boston's first recreational pot shop to open on Monday

The Dorchester Reporter alerts us that Pure Oasis at 430 Blue Hill Ave. in Grove Hall got the last state OK it needed today and will open Monday.



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I wonder if that's going to be their everyday opening time?

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This going to be a wait-and-see situation as far as opening and closing time is concerned. Right in that area it's very hard to find parking unless they walk to the very next corner to park in the Stop & Shop parking lot or CVS

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Offering better prices?
The entrepreneurial spirit cant be stopped.

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it wont be hard to offer better prices. the product is primo but the prices are insane even before all the taxes are added.

(and im pretty sure they open at 11 because all the product has to be in brought in daily from outside sources)

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it’s funny because it’s in roxbury

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But why would you think it's funnier if it were Roxbury?

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Let be serious, that’s Roxbury.

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That location is in Roxbury, not Dorchester.

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But I still don't know why it's funny if it was Roxbury.......

Here’s a list of the recreational marijuana shops that want to open in Dorchester

617 Therapeutic Health Care, Inc.
130 Bowdoin St.

Cannabis Industry*
1102 Blue Hill Ave.

The 420
1624 Blue Hill Ave.

(Name N/A, owner: Frozen 4, LLC)
8-12 Hancock St.

Holistic Health Group, Inc.
1548-1558 Dorchester Ave., Unit 1

Pure Oasis
430 Blue Hill Ave.

Blue Hill Green
538 Blue Hill Ave.

*applications provided to Boston.com by the City of Boston.

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Congrats are in order for all the loops these gentlemen had to jump through to finally open for business. I will stop by when I get the chance

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