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Buns advance to the Charles River

Rabbit on the Esplanade

Aegon Targaryen VI spotted a bun bun by the Charles River today, raising the question of what happens when the first Cambridge bun crosses the river and meets a Boston bun.



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a Human Smoot?


Isn't the mighty Charles between the bun and Back Bay?

(Assuming the neighborhood tag is supposed to be where the bunny is, and not what's in the background of the picture.)

Yes, you're right, that's Cambridge. I've adjusted the post accordingly.

When you're a bun you're a bun all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dyin' day.


Bun squared minus a bun?

End of the bun universe?

Creation of the Big Bun (make Godzilla look like a chicken).

Bun meets Bun The Musical!

bun plus bun = a hare raising experience.


In Cambridge, we are peaceful, but vigilant. This is one of our Rabbit Guardians, forever ready to warn of any menace from Across The River (whence evil comes). We fear not, because the Bun protects us. Just as the sacred geese saved Rome from the Gauls, so our holy Buns, to whom we are forever grateful, will warn us of any invasion by the barbaric Bostonians.