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Chinatown restaurant business collapsing as diners stay away due to coronavirus fears

WBUR reports, notes something similar happened during the SARS scare in 2003 - at least until Mayor Tom Menino went on a walking tour of the neighborhood and didn't get SARS - that Chinatown is no more at risk from the new coronavirus strain than anywhere else and that you're far, far more likely to get the flu, which can also be fatal.



Are goddamn idiots


Some Lunar New Year events were cancelled in NYC, too.


For some reason, some people think that it is acceptable to indulge because their ignorance of science makes them panic.

for some pad thai or pho in Chinatown with an improved atmosphere thanks to fewer numbskulls at nearby tables.


I wouldn't go so far as to use the word numbskulls :-), but I am with Coyote in spirit, woohoo lets party in Chinatown like its 1985!

I was there for the asian New Year's activities to see the lion dance. Some of the groups had an audience of like 5. Since this was my first time there for the lion dance I don't know if that is usual or if that is caused by the coronavirus fear. I did get my flu shot so I somewhat less likely to get the flu than someone who hasn't. Much more likely to get that from riding the T than eating in Chinatown.


It would never have occurred to me that this could cross anyone's mind!


which probably cut into attendance for both. In past years, these were often on different days.

Most likely due to the Coronavirus fear. I live in Chinatown and there was generally more people during the lion dances in past years. It's starting to remind me of SARS again...

We are dumb.


The response here in America has been very tame compared to Europe and Asia (HK, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc.).

On a side note: the level of racism in Asia, between Asians and against 'foreigners' is remarkable. The evil, racist America is very tame and laid back by comparison. Same with Europe. There is a potent undercurrent of racism iin Europe, including Western Europe. Eastern Europe is worse due to the severe damage caused by Communism.


A: Menino went there during the SARS scare.
B: Menino died.
B occurred after A. Therefore, A caused B, right?


Everyone in the room in Philadelphia that day has died and nobody seems interested in investigating


It was the vaccines.


Ben Franklin was actually an early "anti-vaxxer" who came around on it:

“In 1736 I lost one of my sons, a fine boy of four years old, by the smallpox taken in the common way. I long regretted bitterly and still regret that I had not given it to him by inoculation. This I mention for the sake of the parents who omit that operation, on the supposition that they should never forgive themselves if a child died under it; my example showing that the regret may be the same either way, and that, therefore, the safer should be chosen.”



... I’d be avoiding the airport, Ubers, universities and corporations. The restaurant folk don’t generally travel frequently between the mainland and our Chinatown. The furthest many go is Quincy or Malden, if they leave at all.


US has banned non-citizens who have been in China during the past 14 days. This means no visitors/tourists.

US citizens returning from China have a 14-day quarantine, and only allowed to enter the US through one of 11 airports. Logan is not on the list.

I know that they are noticeably absent from downtown as China cancelled all overseas tours.

No but deliveries sure come from mainland China

At the Chinatown gate and then everyone disperse to the restaurants. Chinese food is not banned in Boston!!



Maybe we can master Chi while we're at it...


Think I'll have to stop by Chinatown for takeout after work... please share the best places to go?

Taiwan Cafe is very good!

Taiwanese -- Dumpling Cafe, Taiwan Cafe
Beijing / Shandong -- China King
Sichuan -- Five Spices House
HK-style live tank seafood and Cantonese -- Peach Farm, Jade Garden, Gaga Seafood
Modern Chinese -- Shojo
Dim sum -- Winsor Dim Sum, Great Taste Bakery
Cantonese roast-meats specialist -- Hong Kong Eatery, Wai Wai, Wing's Kitchen
Chinese hotpot -- Shabu-Zen, Kaze, Q
KoFC -- Crave: Mad for Chicken

Prolly going to get me some XLB at Dumpling Cafe tonight.


I want to print this out and keep it in my wallet

China King, Beach Street... Awesome.

A news report from Hong Kong yesterday mentioned that the streets of Hong Kong are especially quiet this week.

Hong Kong has 25 cases, which is more than the US (12), but also nowhere near mainland China's 31,000.

One restaurant in HK has banned "Mandarins" (when alowing Cantonese and English speakers).

Not saying they are "right", just that the reactions are not limited to the US.