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Citizen complaint of the day: Must've been some show

Fireworks remains in Dorchester

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint to have the city clean up the remains of a fireworks show last night at Mother's Rest Park at Four Corners in Dorchester.



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This is one of the many places that fireworks are set off each and every night in Dorchester. Also Ronan Park. Shawmut Station. Town Field. Hemenway Park. Wainwright Park, to name a few.

The police know this. But they chose not to patrol and prevent. They may or may not respond if you call 911 but by their own admission, it's usually too late by the time they arrive.

The fact that is apparent to most Boston residents is that Mayor Walsh does not consider this a priority. This is a smoldering conflagration ready to erupt again in another fire, death, or injury. It is already a huge problem for people trying to sleep, children, people with PTSD,pets, or just normal people who dont like continuous explosions in the neighborhood.

Why does the city government tolerate this?


You're welcome to call a social worker.


You are supposed to serve the public.

That means the public decides who responds and what your job is.

Cops and their fanboys seem to think that they run the show.

They don't. The public does. And the public needs to decide which public servants are best to respond to things like this.

Big reveal: it might not be the cops - particularly if they just drive around and collect huge salaries for nothing.

Time to grow up and get a real job if you don't like that.

The real problem is that fireworks possession is not an arrestable offense. Its a $100 fine and confiscation. We need legislative solutions.

In the meantime the police are not patrolling and preventing. They are not even responding to most calls. And when they do respond, the alleged perps are in many cases gone. But the police know the hot spots and they refuse to patrol and prevent.

Last summer a house near me was the scene of some drive by shootings. The police stationed one or two squad cars on both sides of the house with flashing blues there for almost two months. Patrol and prevent worked. It could also work if they stationed a squad car with flashing blues at Mothers Rest.

There were some pretty big booms near Grassmere & Deforest last night.

This park seems to have been misnamed.


I don't thing Mother was getting much rest last night.


Yes, occasionally Mother's Rest park looks more like a battlefield.

It was on my morning walk on Monday around 8:00 and I found a similar scene with large discarded fireworks boxes. They are bearing the names "Flyover 500 grams -9 shots", "100% Pure Whoop Ass" and "Midnight Madness -41 shots". See link to the picture below.


The effect is made all the worse (or best depending on your viewpoint) due to the high elevation of the park. Thousands of people get seriously impacted anytime someone fires these mortar-size fireworks from that location.

Time to close the NH border!


Boston resident sues Phantom, arguing fireworks were not, in fact 100% pure whoop ass.


The whooping of ass occurs when neighbors figure out who the losers are who are setting of fireworks and leaving a mess.

Why can't we just ask that our neighbors be considerate? Have you personally spoken to the people setting of the fireworks and asked them to stop?

There are some things which can be quickly cleaned up as a matter of neighborhood pride.

Concern Troll Brad misses the point entirely.


Americans love to blow shit up, especially around July 4.

Troll Brad is right. In the amount of time it took said citizen to get online and complain, said citizen could have swept the park. We all live in this community. Let’s have some pride and it’s a privilege to go and enjoy the park

How do you clean up that mess when you are in a wheelchair? Have other physical disabilities? Recently had surgery?

Lead the way!

Who the heck named that park? Sounds like a cemetery.

The 20th century, that is. That's just what they called playgrounds back then. There's one up in the Fenway as well.

I think I see several fingers on the ground.

What’s higher: the IQ of these fireworks users or how many fingers they’ll have by the end of July?

Katie, bar the door.

Looking at this (and seeing it out and about) it sort of reminds me of what a mortar pit looks like. Discarded cardboard tubes, burned casings and assorted other crap.
One other thing. When I was a kid it was mainly firecrackers, bottle rockets and an occasional cherry bomb or M-80. The stuff out today is pretty elaborate.