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DA: Egleston Square man killed girlfriend with a furniture dolly after accusing her of stealing from him and lying to him

A resident of the Walnut Park Apartments tower in Egleston Square was ordered held without bail yesterday at his arraignment on charges he murdered Tanya Malone in his apartment Tuesday evening.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Alan Washington, 71, was upset with Malone, 58, his girlfriend, accusing her of stealing from him and then lying to him, so upset that he pushed her to the floor, then picked up a furniture dolly and smashed her in the head with it.

When Washington saw that his girlfriend was not moving, he went next door to tell a neighbor what he had done. Police and EMTs were summoned and Ms. Malone was pronounced dead at the scene with visible head trauma. An autopsy will officially determine the cause of death.

Boston murders in 2020.

Innocent, etc.




That's a unique murder. In a round building no less. Damn!

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It is a pretty standard situation where men believe that they can brutalize women because they are angry.

The tools and the setting vary. The entitlement remains.

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makes it to uhub I'll be ready with a pithy comment. Maybe, "did he/she have panic attack?"

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I know nothing about this case, but I wonder if he was having early dementia. It seems pretty common among the elderly with cognitive decline to have them accuse those around them of stealing from them. I've seen it a few times.

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When I saw the initial post about this last night, I immediately guessed it was domestic violence. Sadly, no age group is immune from it.

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