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Days of haze

Setting sun in haze over Salem

Rick Macomber focused on the sun setting in the smoky haze from West Coast fires over Salem Willows this evening.

Matt Frank watched the sun disappear into the haze over the Tobin Bridge from Chelsea:

Sunset over the Tobin

Theradrebe shows the haze as seen from Crystal Cove Marina in Winthrop - and posted a picture from the same spot taken a month ago:

Sky over Winthrop

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Wow it looks like a planet in this shot, love the bird

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That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

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Dear America, we can tell you what happens next – we’re almost a year ahead, your friends at the bottom of the world, speaking from the future.

We can tell you that in the months after the event, when you can breathe again, women who were pregnant during the fire gave birth to babies facing potential long-term health risks.

We can tell you that even the worst fire season in living memory was not enough and that three billion animals dead or displaced is not enough and species pushed to the brink of extinction is not enough and even the birds falling from the sky* in a “mass die-off” (a portent so obvious that it feels straight out of the Old Testament) is not enough to make the leaders panic and DO SOMETHING about man-made global heating.

* Birds are falling from the sky in the Southwest of the US, and in Europe. I think we've broken the planet.

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the days we had back in September?

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