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Firefighters were sweltering even before they got up to the roof to battle a fire on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston

Firefighters on Commonwealth Avenue roof

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters made quick work of a rooftop fire at 1027-1033 Commonwealth Ave. in Packards Corner shortly after 1:30 p.m.

And then it was time for some major rehydration:



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Firefighters are the true bad ass hero’s!

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Stay hydrated.

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They should be doing decon before eating or drinking anything.

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I understand your concern, but if you drop dead from heatstroke, you won't live long enough to develop cancer.

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called "fuck firefighters"

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"Fuck The Fire Department" when the Skybar closed years ago. They couldn't afford bringing their sprinkler system up to code. Their booker decided to run a show their last night called "Fuck The Fire Department".

Years later she died in a house fire.

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Unfortunately we're trying our best to be on the wrong side of current events with all the thin blue line flags and other garbage.

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I stopped by the scene of a big fire in Chelsea yesterday and it was very similar. They had water and Gatorade etc ready for the guys. They were literally wringing sweat out of their layers. Here I was feeling over heated with a polo and my mask on not doing anything... I couldn't imagine what it's like close to a fire with all that equipment while moving around

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