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Goofus and Gallant at Millennium Park

Juvenile mockinbird

Goofus glowers and squawks at anybody who comes near his berries.

Gallant always has a cheery smile for passerby and would offer his berries, if only he had some:

Sparrow at Millennium Park

Photos of Goofus (a juvenile mockingbird) and Gallant (a Savannah sparrow) by Mary Ellen.



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I haven't thought about them in years. Am I the only one who wanted to be more like Goofus than Gallant in those old Highlights For Children magazines? Gallant was such a wuss. :-)

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"Gallant" could practically be a term of derision. He was such a weenie. I bet he never went anywhere in life.

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When I think back to childhood visits to the dentist's office, I invariably turn from memories of my dentist singing along with the Muzak while seemingly drilling through my jawbone to recollections of sitting in the waiting room reading Highlights (since I was apparently too stupid to think of bringing my own books or magazines along) and "Goofus and Gallant" in particular, mainly because that was one of the few features in the magazine I could stand.
I think Goofus -- sullen, anti-social, cursed with poor decision-making -- was misunderstood, and all he needed was the love of a true-hearted girl to help him achieve his true potential.

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Your pictures bright my day!

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Lol! Wonderful photos and funny caption :)

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... Goofus would have pouted at this characterization and gone on being surly.
Gallant would have smiled indulgently and explained to us how anthropomorphizing animals is specist micro aggression.

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"There is some of Goofus and Gallant in us all. When Gallant shines through, we show our best self."

And are you sure you want to be "Who cares about elections" Goofus???? (Gallant, of course, "thinks about what is best for the school".)

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...when Gallant married, it was to a Karen.

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