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Hair salons and barber shops open again, but with new restrictions

A hair salon and a barbershop in Roslindale Square have posted what customers can expect as they try to get their hair tamed after two months without a professional's care.

Centre Cuts on Belgrade Avenue reports that in addition to staff sanitizing the whole place before opening every day and taking other steps to keep things clean, customers will have to do their part as well:

Arrive alone – Limited space

Children – 1 child 1 adult

Masks – every client must wear mask that loops behind your ears

Hand sanitizer – a visit to the hand sanitation station and or to the washroom to wash your hands is required

Waiting area – your car/outside/ 2 minute walk away

Merchandise and products – leave your choices at the end of the desk, leave your non-chosen item in the designated baskets for sanitation

The Rialto Barber Shop on South Street reports:

*All increased safety and sanitation procedures are in place.
*Masks are to be worn upon entering shop and throughout haircut.
*2 chairs for waiting are provided inside the shop spaced 6 feet apart. (Maximum, 2)
*2 chairs for waiting will be provided outside the shop spaced 6 feet apart. (It is recommended to wait outside the shop)
*Haircuts only (No beard trims/facial hair)
We are taking daily customers by ‘Walk up/Sign in’ (Where we take your name and give you the time to return for your cut)
We are also taking appointments in advance. You may call Rialto 617-323-9792, and leave a message with your name, your number and at the end of the day, we will return your call to confirm an appointment with you.


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I love Vicky from the Rialto. I don't live in the area any more otherwise I'd still get my haircuts from her.

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