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Hub woman heads back to DC

Politico reports President-Elect Biden has picked Gina McCarthy, a Brighton native who grew up in Dorchester and graduated UMass Boston, for a new environmental post. McCarthy, who served as EPA administrator under Obama, is currently head of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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This is a compliment. They will give her everything she wants. Water vapor will be coming out of refinery smokestacks.

Imagine doing your undergrad in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M, spending time in the tar sands in Alberta in the winter for your first assignment. Then getting sent to Equ. Guinea to work because you know more Spanish than most growing up in the Perriman.

After that you get sent to get your MBA at SMU, then first big assignment running a lot of people in the KSA. Finally back to Houston. Big house, vacation home in the nicer part of South Padre, work your way up to the top, and then there's Gina in a room with you looking like a waitress from Linda Mae's with an accent to match, but with far more brains that you.

You are dead.

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Thanks for reminding me why I dropped my subscription to McSweeny's.

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I still miss that place.

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I saw her chew out a condescending Karen on a plane to NOLA years ago. Don't mess!

She's great to work with, though: no bullshit, no pretense, and no attitude, either.

Here's one of her rockstar moments - Rolling Stone loves her: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/epa-gina-mccarthy-ob...

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because we're going to need it, especially after the gutting of the EPA in the last four years.

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I hope we are not going to see a repeat of the Flint experience at this new post.

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The Flint disaster resulted from a state decision, not a federal one. The State of Michegan used an emergency management law to switch the water supply, deliberately and specifically shutting out the US EPA from having any jurisdiction whatsoever.

You need to get your facts straight before commenting. Trump can't fire state governors for the same reason.

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Is that what EPA's inspector general report concluded?

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To cite it with a link.

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The EPA: The agency retains oversight and enforcement authorities to provide
assurance that states with primacy comply with Safe Drinking Water Act
requirements, such as those in the Lead and Copper Rule. However, Region 5
did not implement management controls that could have facilitated more informed
and proactive decision-making when Flint and the MDEQ did not properly
implement the Lead and Copper Rule. While Flint residents were being exposed
to lead in drinking water, the federal response was delayed, in part, because the
EPA did not establish clear roles and responsibilities, risk assessment
procedures, effective communication and proactive oversight tools.

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Obama administration. Will be cool to see the first female President in a few months. Even though she was awful in the primaries and unelectable. Nice way the reptilian overlords can play chess and cram her down our throats.

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Unlike you, DotRat, I hope nothing happens to Joe. But if Kamala is called I am certain she will be a great president.

Your reference to reptilian overlords is hilarious in light of the real reptiles that have infected the White House for the last 4 years.

And further speaking of vermin, any of the real rats that hang out in Fields Corner would be a better president than the orange anus.

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Can you translate that for sane humans who live on planet earth?

Or maybe share your drugs?

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given that, you know, people elected her.

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...that you're always imagining people cramming things down your throat?

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