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If you bought Boston Calling tickets, today's the last day to get a refund

Because, of course, they're not simply going to send your money back. One Boston Calling ticket purchaser reports you have to go to this page, then click "Manage Order" - where you'll get to enter your order number and start the process, but do it today.



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but is that legal?

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I'm not a lawyer... but I'm pretty sure it's legal if they still honor the money at a later date like tickets next year. I'm pretty sure it's illegal (at least in MA) to just cancel the credit.

Legal or not though, they're going to have trouble selling them next year if they make it too hard.

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If you don't request the refund, they're rolling your tickets over to next year.

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Almost forgot.

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When on AOL, you had to go to keyword "marketing preferences" to opt out of their advertising.

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