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It's always important to obey traffic signs

Car on Eliot platform on the Green Line

The meaning of the sign is pretty clear, and yet obviously the driver went way past it.

Margaret Alexander captured the scene at the Eliot Green Line stop around 3:45 this afternoon, wonders if the driver was planning on taking the stairs down to Rte. 9.

The MBTA responded:

This vehicle has been safely removed from the track area.


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If Park(ing) Day can turn on-street parking into a board game pajama party or whatever, then today can be the day we turn an underutilized stretch of Green Line platform into a parking space.

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The guy probably owns five cars. Gotta park them somewhere, amirite?

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It works fine when I ride my motorcycle.
The hairpin turn on the ramp is tight, but take it slow, and you'll make it.

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This is the second car this guy has owned, so the first car rule doesn't apply to him.

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Please tell me this results in a license suspension, at the very least. Nobody capable of this type of idiocy belongs behind the wheel.

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He's got a green light; he should have kept going.

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