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It's like March again: Bank shuts one branch, limits access at others due to Covid-19

The Cooperative Bank reports it's shut its West Roxbury branch until Dec. 4 due to Covid-19 and that starting Friday, the lobbies at its Charlestown, Roslindale and Jamaica Plain branches will be closed to customers.

As concerns with the second wave of COVID-19 continue to grow - we would like to remind our customers we take the health of our employees and customers seriously.

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Good for them. I hope this is a trend

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you hope that places shutting down is a trend? sure lets hope that people lose their jobs is a trend. If you are dependent on the government already, you dont care about future lock downs because nothing will change for you. But if you have a private job, and actually work for a living, then lockdowns will be crushing. It is amazing how liberals are OK seeing their leaders not practice social distancing and not wearing a mask time and time again, and being OK with it. As soon as these same people say there are lockdowns coming, after leaving their dinner parties, and picking up their kids from their private schools. It is amazing how people have the wool over their eyes and will blindly follow these hypocritical leaders. Follow the science, is there any actually scientific research that says lockdowns prevent Covid spread? Florida opened up in the summer, and it doesnt appear a spike came in Florida because of it. Trump is the dictator tho? i dont think he is the one telling you how to live your life

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And you were expecting?

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If everyone is masked and keeps their distance and doesn't linger, isn't this a bit of an overreaction?

My bank, after a period of total lockdown, went to "by appointment only". My wife said, "F that" and just showed up when she wanted and knocked on the door and they let her in. Since no one else was making an appointment either, no other customers were ever in there. I'm all for protecting people, but a little common sense about what is needed goes a long way.

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I was in the bank the other day. The guy ahead of me pulled his mask down and stood chatting with the teller for a couple minutes after his transaction.

People are not following the guidelines and no one is enforcing them (not the teller's job anyway). We need either another lockdown or a new level of enforcement of the rules which will have to go beyond what people are likely to be comfortable with.

Not that cops seem all that interested in enforcing covid safety.

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What gets me about banks is they've spent years getting as far away as banking was in the 1970s.. which was big vaulted rooms with thick glass between the teller and you.

Maybe things were better in the 70s.

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The lobbies are closed but you can still bank at the walk up windows, ATM’s or drive up. You can also use their online banking. The notice says you can schedule an appointment if you need to go in the branch, But most transactions can be done at walk up window or other options they have. Many banks have not even opened their lobbies at all since March. The Cooperative Bank with the second wave coming, I believe are taking the best measures to keep everyone safe. I bank with them and they really are a great bank. I have a feeling in the upcoming weeks more banks will be following suit, if they were not already closed.

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