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Jamaica Plain developer says coronavirus means proposed residential building needs more units with workspace, outdoor patios

Architect's rendering of 3326 Washington St.

Rendering by Primary Development.

A developer who has proposed a new residential building on Washington Street, next to Exodus Bagels at Green Street, has submitted revised plans to the BPDA that show fewer overall units but more with "flex space" that could be used for home offices as well as additional outdoor patio space for residents who need a breath of fresh air.

Primary Development's proposal for 3326 Washington St. now shows a total of 43 residential units rather than the 47 he originally proposed. The company is also proposing 11 one-bedroom units with dens - the original plans showed no such units - as well as increasing the number of outdoor patios so that half of all the units will have one, compared to one third before. Some 23% of the units - or 10 - will still be marketed as affordable, the same as before.

To make room for the extra patios, the plans show the elimination of ground-floor retail space. To make way for the new units with dens, the number of studios has been reduced from 7 to 3 and the number of one-bedroom units with no den from 28 to 18. The number of two-bedroom units has been reduced from 12 to 11.

The ongoing challenges of COVID‐19 and its long‐term impacts on our cities and way of life have necessitated [the changes] We believe that these changes make for a better and more resilient building and contribution to the built environment of Boston.

The BPDA has set an Oct. 26 online public meeting to discuss the proposed changes.

3326 Washington St. documents and meeting information.



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Take a look at the green traffic lights in the rendering.

H/t Joe.


There's only one green-on-top traffic light anywhere, and it's in Syracuse. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/14218


It's a free-for-all!


When did this become “Kerby Liu’s” development and not Primary Development’s project?

And looked up who Primary was. Kerby Liu is Primary. Sorry for the confusion.

I've changed Liu to Primary Development as the developer.

Developers told us we don’t need outdoor space, open space or parking space. They wanted to cram as many units with as many people possible into developments. Now we know density isn’t good for us.

Density isn't the problem (see: Seoul, South Korea's few COVID-19 cases). The problem is overcrowding. If you look at the hardest hit parts of Massachusetts, it's where housing costs are high and essential workers share small apartments to afford to live in our region (e.g., East Boston, Chelsea, etc.). We need to get out of our own way and build, baby build. Passing the Governor's Housing Choice bill would be start.


I don’t like getting rid of retail on a fairly busy intersection like this one. By the time this building is done in a few years Covid 19 will not be an issue like it is today.


The reality is that COVID-19 is likely just the beginning of various diseases that will make its way into our population. High density living is going to continue to be an issue, whether it is COVID-19 or some other illness. We've known for over a century the problems with high density housing, not just public health, but mental health and public safety as well. It would be irresponsible to continue to build high density housing without some understanding of its continued impact

Not high density, high crowding. See my comment above.

Outdoor space should be a requirement and not even due to the Virus, bravo for that. I didn't read the proposal, any retail on the first floor or parking?


Lets just make sure there isn’t an exodus of exodus bagels. Hope they re-open soon!!


I remember when that space was Canto 6 bakery. That immediate area never had much to recommend it (unlike Green St on the other side of the Orange Line), but Canto 6 was a bright spot.

Exodus is still open at its Roslindale bakery, and they're now selling sandwiches in addition to their bags o' bagels.


I like the added outdoor space, however, isn't there a party wall on one side? What happens when someone wants to add height to the building next to it? Would it make more sense for the balconies and terraces to face the side street rather than the abutting property?