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Kennedy campaign whines about bullying when Twitter users convince Broadway stars to drop out of a benefit for him, which has now been canceled

Theater Talk Boston reports on the hullabaloo.



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It must be terrible not to have a Senate seat passed to you on a silver platter just because you want it.


Markey's Twitter followers have a major Bernie Bro vibe to them. They attack anyone who says anything good about Kennedy or anything critical of Markey. September 2nd is gonna be a hard day after for them when Kennedy wins solidly because elections are not conducted on Twitter.


We'll see what happens.


Whining? Or rebutting twitter nonsense with a press release. If you’re not intending to put news out there objectively no problem - this is your website and obviously you can frame this story however you want - but please don’t claim that you “report” news in an unbiased manner.


The Kennedy press release not only called this "Cyber Bullying", it falsely said that Markey was a 47 year incumbent.

Markey was elected to the Senate in 2013.

I guess pointing out that Kennedy doesn't support M4A and the Green New Deal is *unfair* to his campaign when we should just be pointing out that he's "young" and has "new ideas", without at all expressing any of those ideas, or articulating why he wants to be Senator other than, "it's my turn".

Telling the truth about a candidate is not bullying.


He’s been in congress since 1973. Wouldn’t say calling him a 47 year incumbent is a lie, maybe a mis characterization of his career. That’s pretty common in campaigns.
Disagreeing with his political viewpoints is obviously free game for all and, from what the article showed, doesn’t amount to cyber bullying though if one went through all the other related tweets maybe there was a different tone that amounted to some level of perceived harassment.


To claim you're "The new guy" when you're a Massachusetts Kennedy is pretty comical.

If he wants to be considered a newcomer to Washington he oughta change his last name.


"We are heartbroken by the cyber-bullying so many of our event participants were subjected to. The toxic nature of political Twitter is nothing new, but the level of vitriol Senator Markey and his supporters have unleashed during this campaign is unprecedented. This is a huge part of the reason Joe decided to challenge a 47-year incumbent in the first place. Because he understands how sick and tired people are of this kind of politics. At the end of the day, this is a race between two progressive Democrats from Massachusetts. We should be able to engage in a spirited debate about who is the best leader for this moment without tearing down the other team."

Does the pro-Kennedy argument really boil down to "Ed Markey supporters are mean"? It really seems like Kennedy doesn't have much authentic support in his bid to replace Markey. He's trying to pull an AOC, but he's running to the right of his opponent. Nobody I talk to is that sick of Markey to want to replace him.

Joe K. seems like a nice enough guy, it just doesn't really sound like he knows why he's in this race. Plenty of time to run for something else after this one.


Obviously he’s setting himself up for a presidential campaign.


I thought Kennedy had tons of potential until he got senatorial ants in his pants.

Now — ugh!


Well he doesn't have any thing to speak of in terms of record or platform where he's a superior choice to Markey (in fact his huge boner for the oil industry is a huge negative in comparison), so really this seems like all he's got.


As I think that neither will represent my interests very well.

Having said that, I heard Markey on Dan Rea's show a week ago and thought, man, this guy really is a dim bulb. A few days later I got a call from his campaign. Caller ID showed California as the origination point.

So this genius, who already has a rep for living full time in Maryland, is trying to organize local voters with some pay-per-dial outfit from California. That isn't even bright enough to pretend to be Massachusetts based.

What a Maroon!


That isn't even bright enough to pretend to be Massachusetts based.

I think someone needs to explain to you how phone banks work in the modern era. The caller may very well have been in MA but using a system on a computer that was based in CA. The next shift would be set up for callers in the midwest to do their banking.

That keeps people from having to use their home numbers.

Oh, and I've heard that "living full time in Maryland" thing before - around the time that I would usually bump into him several times a month in Medford and my husband would inevitably wind up in line with him at the local CVS when picking up prescriptions.

Repeating republican fantasyland talking points gossip and not knowing how modern VoIP phone banks work is solid "okay boomer" territory.


Markey has been extraordinarily unremarkable for 47 years. His claim to fame is the attention he has garnered by AOC dragging him into the spotlight for the green new deal (and meeting you at CVS).


I like my senators to not spend all day on TV fighting cultural battles. Markey fought hard for net neutrality and actually knows what it is. He's one of the few senators who seems to be technically literate and not just in the "knows how to use Twitter" sense.

I'm not saying the guy is amazing but what does Kennedy have going for him besides the last name?

I'm fine with Warren and Presley as the MA spotlight politicians. The other senator should keep their nose down.


Did you ever ask him for anything?

Did you ever interact with his staff?

Did you ever talk to him?

Or did you sit on your dead ass and consume and hope for some grandstanding or a sex scandal?

I have found him to be remarkably approachable, teachable, and overall human in every interaction that I have had with him over the last 20 or so years, be it official business or social. He has been remarkably willing to listen and effective on particuarly technical issues.

I have dealt with him on issues of legislation and on issues of constituent services. I was getting the run around because my 12 year old was on the no fly list and we were planning a trip after his 13th birthday. At 13 they could detain, strip search, body cavity search, and not tell parents were kids were. I had filed to have him taken off when he was 11, and DHS was just sitting on requests throwing a tantrum worthy of Trump because they hated being told what to do by congress. I copied their bullshit to Markey's office and 12 hours later my young boy was off that stupid goddamn list - only they sent the redress number to him and not me. LOL. That's how effective he can be - they wanted to be sure that Markey's office knew they fixed it..

Your turn to detail what your problem is in all the times that you have contacted his office for assistance.


Markey did not help his constituents fight a high pressure gas line going through densely populated neighborhoods after repeatedly being asked for help.

If you have an issue with how much time your representatives spend in DC complain to leadership on both sides. The time required to be ready for votes or subcommittees has expanded greatly over the past few decades. In the past the two sides would set their work week up in such a way that members often only had to be in DC a few days a week so they could be back in district more often.

Now if your representative is home often that means they are not really fully participating in the nitty gritty work on the ground. Sadly it is set up in such a way that you can not be fully involved AND fully visible in the district all the time.

What is comical is campaign after campaign yells about how often their opponent is seen but then as soon as they get elected they realize why that was.

I am not saying that Kennedy seems to be skipping the non camera work in DC BUT the guy sure seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Last year flying around the country for other politicians and now in MA every day.

Do you believe he was ever told NO to anything.


Says he wants his senate seat NOWWWWWW!!!!

Complains that he is being "picked on" when called out, and then lies through his teeth. Wants a royal decree or something.

Someone should tell him that maybe, maybe all his whining "legacy" entitlement is really not a good look.


...is like watching someone pontificate with spinach on their teeth and a booger hanging out of their nose.

Just stop, Joe. Learn to be a competent rep, then come back when you've done that.


To vote against the Huge un-audited Defense Budget
Thanks and good-bye Ed

Knowing it was going to pass anyway. We know how votes work on stuff like this.