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Man already wanted for violent crimes arrested after he crashes into a Causeway Street building

Causeway scene last night

Crash scene. Photo by Ryan Meador.

Gustavus Beverly

Transit Police report that motorcycle cops trying to stop a guy they say was driving erratically down Causeway Street yesterday afternoon weren't able to stop him before he crashed into 226 Causeway St.

Police say the motorcycle officers began trying to stop Gustavus Beverly, 52, of Dorchester, around 5:50 p.m. After he crashed his Ford Explorer into the building, between North Washington Street and I-93, he got out and tried to escape on foot, but proved no match for the cops on bikes, who stopped him on Medford Street, police say.

In addition to erratic-driving charges, police say, Beverly was already wanted on outstanding warrants from Roxbury and Dorchester courts for a variety of charges, including assault and battery, strangulation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, criminal harassment, three counts of disobeying an abuse-prevention order, threats to commit a crime, witness intimidation, malicious destruction of property and larceny under $1,200.

Innocent, etc.

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Bad job if you didn't notify BPD about the pursuit through crowded city streets.

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Gustavus has quite a resume. How do you have multiple warrants for offenses of that nature and manage to be out and about? Is he actually Gus Tavus from Beverly, so we have been looking in the wrong places?

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