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Marches, vigils continue in Boston area

Across greater Boston, thousands of people participated in Black Lives Matter events today.

Hundreds of people gathered in Government Center for a march to Boston Police headquarters on Tremont Street in Roxbury, where they were met with a large squadron of bicycle cops.

Meanwhile, downtown, a heavily armored Military Police unit with a Humvee stood where British troops shot and killed a black man in the Boston Massacre.

People held a vigil at Boston College. Others marched through Salem and a memorial service at Bethel AME Church in Jamaica Plain for them and other black victims of violence.

There was a rally on Cambridge Common, a vigil in Everett and, as the sun went down, a candlelight vigil in Somerville.

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Boston black clergy (including ministers, an imam, a rabbi) held a memorial service for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arber, which included a funeral procession beforehand.

(can watch on WCVB website, but is mislabeled as just being for George Floyd)

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On motorcycles, in patrol cars, BPD, Transit, etc... sans MBTA, they were moved in on multiple Yankee buses and at least two chartered EZ Ride shuttles.

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A simple question a simple chant that has Political Leaders, College Presidents the Heads of the MBTA and Massport hiding out in their plush officers in fear of being asked "Will you support defunding your police?"

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The MBTA contracts Yankee buses for shuttles. So it looks like the MBTA just gave the Transit advocates the finger and will continue to transport police to protests .

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