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MBTA bus driver dies after bus rolls into her in Quincy

WCVB reports on the incident involving a 222 bus at Quincy Center.



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Driving a bus for the MBTA is such a thankless job. The bus way at Quincy Center is often times filled with schoolkids, the elderly and private vehicles going to city hall and others dropping off or picking up passengers. There are others who come to the station to buy their drugs at the handicapped ramp or to skateboard and ride bicycles. There used to be a Transit cop who did a great job keeping the traffic flowing and the station safe but that was a few years ago. Now you see the same police cruiser parked in the bus way but the officer is no where to be found.

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her family.

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didn't the operator chock the wheels when they left it as is procedure? if not... operator error. sad.

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Didn't anyone teach you to respect the dead, you ghoul? A woman is dead and a family is grieving.

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"Sources told NewsCenter 5's Peter Eliopoulos that victim was the driver of the bus that struck her."

I had to read that odd sentence a few times before really getting the point that she was killed by her own bus. Very very sad.

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