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Navy shuts USS Constitution to visitors to keep Old Ironsides from becoming Old Covidsides

With the Massachusetts Covid-19 rate now well into spring-surge numbers, the Navy has ordered the historic ship shut to visitors, like it did in the spring, WBZ reports.


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I should hope so. It's really cramped in there. They don't make the cadets sleep on it do they?

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Those are active duty sailors in the US Navy, they're not cadets. There is a watch on board, but I think the crew sleep in a near-by building.

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I think you're correct.

I was lucky enough to win the lottery for the turn-around cruise some July 4th years ago, maybe one of the years they were planning a slightly extended cruise on the next day. Maybe that year they tried to run completely on its own sail? Anyway... I watched them loading portable heads for crew needs and got the impression that they didn't normally have those on board, so I suspect that at dock they have a watch on-duty but not actually quartered onboard.

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Well, you can use the original head if you really want...

But yeah, they don't sleep aboard normally, though it is something they are able to do, especially if they have overnight guests onboard. There is an overnight watch that does rounds through the ship.

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Don't Panic, were you maybe thinking of the Eagle? US Coast Guard cadets (midshipmen?) do have a period of at-sea duty on that sailing ship.

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Nah, I just forgot Old Ironsides is still in commission.

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