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Open season on Boston TV journalists: At least four attacked or threatened since July

Sunday's scissor attack on WCVB reporter Ted Wayman in Copley Square is just that latest in a series of unconnected attacks on Boston TV reporters and camerapeople since July.

In July, a Colorado man was arrested at the Forest Hills T stop after allegedly attacking a WFXT cameraman with a golf club, sending him to the hospital and damaging his camera tripod.

On Aug. 8, a WCVB cameraman found himself grappling for control of his camera with a man who did not want him videoing a large gathering of people without masks in Taunton., who called him among other things, "a giggly little cunt" and "a lazy-ass news shit." The video has been circulating in local TV circles recently:

Ed. note: WCVB had YouTube take down the video that had been linked below as a copyright infringement:

On Aug. 29, WHDH reporter Alex DiPrato and his cameraperson were accosted outside a Trump rally in New Hampshire by a man who spoke of blowing up the two "motherfuckers."

A staffer at a station other than WCVB said camerapeople there have been reporting for months now that "the Copley area is really bad" for them.

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Is mental illness coupled with substance abuse and homelessness. The weather is still good so people without somewhere else to go can stay there. It's all fine until someone gets stabbed with scissors.

As for the incident in Taunton... the reaction is akin to the reaction Janet Wu got for accosting people who weren't wearing masks at Castle Island. People don't want reporters to be the maskstapo and they don't want to be the subject of the next viral video which gets them fired.


Also don't see a lot of newsies bothering people on Meth Mile.

On the other hand, sometimes you just have double standards...here's the 'how not to do it' famous clip from MSNBC in May...


Sorry, folx, it's from twitter, so probably it didn't happen...except that it did.

'Including the cameraman'...LOL.


But thanks for playing.


Bothering people for not wearing masks is ok if the camera man is wearing a mask so there's no double standards.

"WCVB cameraman found himself grappling for control of his camera with a man who did not want him videoing a large gathering of people without masks in Taunton.,..."

You ought to look up the fun camera people have at the not antifaa (they don't exist) riots when they chant some bullshit about not filming and didn't see nothing.


Now run along and play. The nurses/mommy/orderlies will have your lunch ready soon.


of your quickly fading demographic.

You're outnumbered, very angry, and have pledged complete fealty to a lying golden god promising everything while delivering nothing but social, financial, and geopolitical unrest.

Lashing out is a natural response when cornered and right now no matter what news outlet you find solace in, Trümp is in terrible, horrible, no good very bad shape.

Deep breaths, you're gonna have a few bumpy months ahead.

DMC, I'm not talking to you, as you have made up your mind.

Just because someone on a particular side of an issue does something that is anathema to that cause, doesn't make the cause false. Pro-lifers go out and have abortions. Bible-toting mega church leaders steal and have affairs. Pro-maskers sometimes don't wear a mask when they should. Just because the cameraman made the wrong decision, it in no way invalidates the science that proves that masks save lives.


You make a ton of sense, and are obviously not just huffing paint fumes or letting your cat walk on the keyboard and posting whatever he types.

Unrelated: what’s your YouTube handle? You seem like you’ve got a lot of wisdom to lay on us over the course of a bunch of videos of you wearing sunglasses while driving your truck.


to see his Twitter, YouTube, and Club Penguin comment history.

Don't wanna be bothered about not wearing a mask when you are required to wear one?

Simple answer: WEAR A GODDAMN MASK

This is known as "growing the fuck up" and "paying attention in class". Skills that seem to be sorely lacking in contemporary life in the US with giant adult babies throwing tantrums.


In a nation with a president that calls the press the enemy.


Our mental healthcare system sucks. Seriously mentally ill people, often drug addicts and alcoholics, living on the streets and in jails, prisons is a HUGE problem. It's being ignored by almost all political leaders, regardless of party affiliation.

Why the media silence on the attempted murder of one of their own in previously safe Copley Square? Is it because it goes against the "peaceful" narrative put forth by Needham's ch. 5 and others closer to Boston? While I agree that a reporter should never become part of the story, an attempted murder in a once thriving area of Boston should probably be covered, albeit by a different crew. Was this done?

The timeline of "open season" on Boston reporters also raises questions. It somehow omits the May 31-June 1 violence and looting of Boston including numerous brutal attacks on the media by far-left "peaceful protesters" including this one that the Globe briefly reported before realizing it was a bad look. It's important to note that a recent Gallup poll showed that 84 percent of Americans agree that the media is to blame for political division in this country. Such a high number indicates the disapproval is coming from all sides. Violence should never be an option but nobody should be surprised there's critcism when the numbers are that bad.


No, seriously? Beyond Adam, the Globe reported on it, the Herald, NBC, hell, I see articles on it from MetroWest Daily News and the Worcester Telegram. I guess it's a bit weird that WCVB didn't do their own story on it, but maybe they're waiting for the reporter to get better - and certainly it's well covered by other outlets. In any case, I'm confused how you make the jump to "this must be a coverup" given the number of other stories about it - what in the world is being covered up here?

I review WHDH’s and all three local network affiliates’ nightly newscasts, listen to local news/public radio, and read both boston dailies. (Yes, i am a news junkie). All of them had stories noting the vandalism to the channel 7 news truck.


It's important to note that a recent Gallup poll showed that 84 percent of Americans agree that the media is to blame for political division in this country.

In fact, the actual data from the poll mentioned in the advocacy site article you linked to show no such thing. Specifically, from the executive summary of the American Views 2020 poll - “The vast majority of Americans (84%) say that, in general, the news media is ‘critical’ (49%) or ‘very important’ (35%) to democracy.”

The rest of your post is filled with language implying unsupported ’facts’/motives, and you finish by drawing a (false) equivalence between media criticism and this violent episode.

O-fish-l, you’re entitled to your opinion, but why do you make shit up so often?

Well, too late, I guess. YouTube took it down today after getting a copyright-infringement notice from Channel 5.