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A pandemic or no, Red Line train wouldn't go

A dead inbound train at Central gummed up the Red Line for awhile this morning, but the T assures us they've taken it to that place where all dead Red Line trains go.

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Confined places with other people and little airflow are what spreads this disease the most.

The T is putting people in danger every time a train stops. With the current state of affairs I’m unlikely to return to the T when the shorter days and colder weather return. Bike in the cold and stay home when it snows.

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I have started to tentatively take the Blue Line back to work a few days a week and I am dreading something like this. It breaks down so much. I don't want to be confined in there for long periods of time. I also notice a significant number of people have not been wearing masks (or wearing them around their neck as fashion accessories) since I started taking it again. Living in East Boston and having no car I really have no other choice as to how to get to downtown Boston, save for the Silver Line from the airport. And if you've ever tried THAT horror show you know it's absolutely not a choice at all.

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Is as enforceable as fare collections which means no one pays and no one wears masks and no one from the MBTA cares.

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