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Pfft, box trucks? We got ourselves an 18-wheeler wedged under a bridge on Storrow Drive

Wedged and storrowed tractor trailer on Storrow Drive

Sage was among the drivers who had plenty of time to appreciate the sheer majesty of the way the driver of an 18-wheeler managed to a) get on Storrow Drive inbound and b) jam his rig right into the underside of the Mass. Ave. Bridge shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Close-up view.

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Arnold is 96.3% white, went 2 to 1 for the Orange Gibbon, has given us two well known NASCAR drivers (well known, means I heard of them when ESPN was on in the background), and that lizard woman from the original series V, sorry I meant to say former NRA Spokesperson and human bed sore Dana Loesch.

All this from a place with the same population as Gardner. There must be lead in the wells.

Looks like the rednecks wanting to cause trouble in Democratic controlled cities has come east in a not so subtle way.

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The environment these days is toxic enough without the hyperbole coming from either extreme.

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You must be the other guy.

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for the midwest, friend.

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Why the hell don't people take time to read the goddamned signs about no trucks being allowed under those really low bridges? This "storrowing" occurs so often that it's absolutely asinine!

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He at least has some excuse for not understanding that Google Maps was never meant for urban environments.

Unlike many of the local drivers who should have gotten the message about these specific roadways.

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Remake of Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn, semis full of goodies are lured to town with a treacherous roadway system and trailer-killing bridges and overpasses, when they "run aground", locals pillage all the spoils!

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