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Remember to thank your checker

Westwood Wegmans on Saturday morning

Wegmans in Westwood before 7 a.m. today. Photo by Andrew Husband.

Chris Faraone pens a paean to the people doing their best to keep their stores' shelves stocked in these trying times.

From the cashiers, to the meat and fish department workers, they’re all brave souls as far as I’m concerned, along with anybody else working in public while most people stay at home.


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Today I will find mother's rosary beads break out a bottle of Irish Whiskey and listen to the lyrics of the classic Merle Haggard song One Day at a Time.
Well Jesus you. know if you looking below its worse now than then.
Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine
Yes just for my sake teach me to take one day at a time.

If all I can do during the next few weeks is self quarantine and pray I'm going to pray for the victims, the homeless, nursing home residents, first responders, our courageous doctors and nurses, MBTA workers and especially for Adam and the members of the media who are keeping us sane during these difficult times.

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Yes. And remember to thank the management and ownership of every Boston area grocer and restaurant for paying employees $13/hour to do this shit.

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“Brave souls” aka people who don’t have any other options.

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A big thank you to the crew at Market Basket in Chelsea this morning! They were fully staffed and managed to keep the place stocked and the line moving. It was slow; I got in a check out line at 7:30 and checked out at 9:15. Plenty of corned beef!

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It was insanely busy there yesterday as well but the folks working were friends and helpful and doing their best to keep the lines sane and the shelves stocked. They work very hard and they are at risk being out in public every day.

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I had to deal with a similar scene at Pemberton Farms in North Cambridge Thursday evening.

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Toilet paper seems to be the item to hoard for pandemics. For blizzards it is obligatory to buy milk, bread and eggs, even if you don't use those products at any other time besides blizzards, and probably won't use them during the blizzard.

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Nothing out of the ordinary for any retail employee that has worked during Christmas season.

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This store gets runs anytime there is a snowstorm predicted or a Super Bowl involving the Patriots so they have a protocol. Thursday afternoon, the line went back to the meat department in the back of the store, but there were several employees directing people to short cashier lines. The line moved pretty quickly and the employees caught people who looked like they might cut. From the end of the line to out the door took about a half hour, which is pretty good, considering.

The shoppers were great too. People seemed to have a sense of humor about it. The only attempt at cutting I saw was by a person who did not realize that the rules had changed - it's not obvious when you enter the store. She apologized and went to the back of the line. The employees set the tone by their calm, friendly behavior.

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My son works at Stop&Shop and the limit on bathroom tissue sent a woman into a tizzy. She told him she hopes he gets coronavirus. Wish I was there for that one but then again I’d probably be in jail right now.

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