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Sometimes babies just can't wait, like last night on Storrow Drive

Baby and mom about to come out of SUV on Storrow Drive

Mom and baby about to come out into the world. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports that by the time EMTs and state troopers got to the outbound side of Storrow Drive just before the Mass. Ave. Bridge around 11 p.m. yesterday, the state had a new resident:

Troopers Kyle Melvin and Matt Clark from the MSP Boston Barracks were first on scene and found that the woman had just given birth to a baby boy with the assistance of her husband in the back seat of their vehicle. While awaiting for EMS Troopers preformed a basic evaluation of the the mother and child, assuring both were stable, comfortable, healthy and safe.

A Boston EMS Ambulance and Paramedic unit arrived on scene a short time later, as well as the Night Shift Commander. They immediately rendered care and preformed a full assessment on the mother and newborn. After both were securely loaded into an ambulance they were transported to a local area hospital.

State Police then gave dad an escort to follow mom and son to the hospital.

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is a storrowing I can appreciate

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Seems the kid made it through without getting stuck!

Blessings for the parents and responders.

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What's the name of the baby?

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