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Sports-related coronavirus outbreak at Boston College

The Globe reports some 13 members of BC's swimming and diving teams have tested positive for Covid-19. Unlike many other schools in the area, BC decided to continue its sports programs this fall.

BC reports it currently has a total of 30 students in Covid-19 isolation - 10 locally and 20 at home.


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The reason I ask is this: early in the pandemic, there were recommendations to stay active but not to do intensive training as strenuous workouts can impact resistance and resilience.

While exercise can release immune system components that increase infection resistance, we also know that SARS-CoV-2 kills people with their own immune systems.

Put a bunch of people together, stress them with intensive training regimens, add COVID and stir may not be the best idea. Makes me wonder if this is a factor in why young athletes have been developing cardio symptoms.

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They are trying to put together a schedule - last year's consisted mostly of dual meets with the New England/NYC area colleges, a couple with other ACC programs and the conference championships. With so many schools cancelling/postponing fall sports, they''re trying to fill in.

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Right now, 68 undergraduates are currently infected with 28 isolated on campus and 40 at home. A BC student made this website that graphs their data, and compares it to BU and NEU on the bottom, who seem to be doing better: https://bccovid.dav.sh/

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