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They shoot fireworks at him, he hurls a brick and knife at them; all now face charges, police in Cambridge say

Cambridge Police report arresting a Boston man they say reacted to having fireworks shot at him by chasing after his assailants' car and, after it swerved and crashed, flinging both a brick and a knife at them.

Police say the action began around 3:20 a.m. on Sunday Acorn Park Drive, off Rte. 2 just before Alewife Brook Parkway, where people had gathered and where two guys decided to shoot some fireworks at six other people there.

This upset one of the groups and resulted in a man chasing after the other group’s vehicle. This caused the vehicle to swerve and crash

Police say Tumerrick Brown, 19, of Dorchester, then flung a brick through the driver's side window of the car and followed that up by slinging an open pocket knife at them.

Brown was arrested at the scene on a charge of malicious destruction of property over $1,200, for the damage the brick did to the car, and a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon for the attack with the knife, which missed the two men in the car, police say Those men were summonsed, but not detained, on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon for shooting the fireworks at Brown and his friends, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Nothing good happens at that time if you're out.

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This is the sort of magical thinking that has the US in a lot of trouble right now.

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3 AM to 4:30 AM seems to be THE big time to shoot off fireworks in densely populated Boston neighborhoods. I don't know what started the trend, or what the meaning of it is, but it's been happening for a number of years now. It must be the big thing among non-employed people who never have to worry about when they get up.

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...never bring a knife to a roman candle fight, even if you also have a brick.

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I think they arrested the wrong guy. Yeah he did throw a brick and a knife, but F those morons who shot fireworks at him. He was completely justified in responding. Having fireworks shot at you is dangerous and enormously disrespectful. The idiots with the fireworks were lucky that they didn't get shot.

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Is never OK. And if you think that's all there is to this tale, you're gullible and naive.

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... over the difference between using force in self-defense against an attack, which is legitimate, and using force to retaliate against a past attack, which is not.

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Thanks New Hampshire

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Of self defense! No jury will find him guilty.

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They were fleeing from him and he chased them. How is that self-defense?

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That’s an infernal device

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No fireworks for the past 6 hours.
Immediately invalidated as I posted...

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