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On threat of jail time, Charlestown woman apologizes for destroying Peace Park and its memorials to those lost in tragedies

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports a local woman was sentenced to 50 hours of community service after she acknowledged she was the one who threw out scores of small stone markers, cut down three trees and repainted a gold fence black at the Peace Park on Lowney Way last year. In pleading guilty to the destruction of the memorial site - created in 2018 by the the Turn It Around youth group with a city grant - and offering an apology, Diane Valle at first avoided using the word "I," until prodded by the judge.

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I think she got off light, honestly. That's a mental thing to do.

How about she pay for it in full, plus hefty fines, and 200 hours of community service.

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She is a real piece of work. She considers herself the unofficial mayor of Charlestown.

I would have liked to see her repair the memorial that she destroyed -- repaint the fence, plant new trees, etc.

I hope the shame causes her to keep her head down for a few months, but I doubt it.

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She considers herself the unofficial mayor of Charlestown.

Well, I consider myself the Queen of England, so I outrank her.

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I am extremely sorry we are in court and this experience is causing pain to people,” Valle said. “I am sorry.

A real apology contains remorse for having committed the act, not for the aftermath.

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She clearly still thinks she was in the right.

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Maybe she was jealous of something else civic minded being done without her invovelment?


Occam's Razor would indicate she's just a terrible, racist person so I'll assume that about her until facts prove otherwise I guess. I know, I know, not all white people from Charlestown, etc...

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From her site above:

"She excelled at The Harvard Program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and The Simmons School of Management Negotiation and Conflict Management."

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I would like to visit... Does anyone have this address? I cannot find it on Google Maps.

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Mt Vernon and Prospect Streets parallel to ramp coming down from Tobin Bridge

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It's listed as the Mt Vernon Street Plaza.

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Marathon Daffodils Honors the Boston Medical Community

Diane Valle ’02MBA knows the power in honoring hardships. An urban horticulturist, Valle is the founder of the Marathon Daffodils, which have been planted along the route of the Boston Marathon every year since the 2013 bombing, as an act of hope and recovery.

Living in Charlestown, Valle said the city is “alive and vibrant” on Patriot’s Day weekend, showing the first signs of spring.

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But my untrained opinion of this woman is she may be Nucking futs.

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Why does she get to participate/contribute to the new park rebuild? Doesn't that reward her for her crime? If she has any shame she would just stay away.

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wants her lawyer.

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