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With toll booths gone, truck drivers storrowing in Sumner Tunnel at worrying rate

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports.

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I was thinking about that driving through the sumner last night and seeing the annual stalactites that grow in there

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My brother drives a truck all over the east coast. He knows how to read so he didn't get Storrowed, but I had to spend 10 minutes on the phone to get him to the Ted WIlliams from Meridian/Bennington St area.

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That we've started calling it "sumnering" instead of storrowing. I drive through there almost every day and that area really is pretty confusing. I don't know if I could give adequate directions to someone trying to detour from the Sumner or the TWT entrances and I've lived on this side of the harbor for a long time now.

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It's kinda mind blowing that commercial trucking companies can't route their drivers around serious hazards and keep them off of restricted roadways. There's gotta be an app for that. Do they pay for the damage and delays their mistakes cause?

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Historically, that 'app' consisted of road signs.

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It's mind blowing that MassDOT doesn't bother to post a height restriction before the decision point for the Sumner versus the Ted. Even though local politicians have been asking MassDOT for exactly this.

Actually, they do post a clearance sign at the split. But only for the Ted, not the Sumner, even though the Ted has the HIGHER clearance! https://goo.gl/maps/2aJZCir5xECiaLbt8 Also, the westbound Ted has a direct connection to 93 north, but you'd never know it. If you were driving a tall truck, which choice would you make seeing these signs?

Maybe there's a Sumner clearance sign before this too-late one: https://goo.gl/maps/jXwMDyzjXU7CGxPm8 .But if there is, I didn't notice it doing a virtual drive in Street View, so it can't be very prominent.

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That no local news stations have done a story about this. If they pay and how much, any repeat offenders etc.

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A long time ago, my grandmother was driving with her mother and a car full of little kids though the tunnel. She panicked and stopped the car and refused to go on. My great-grandmother got out of the car (in the tunnel) and asked a truck driver, who got out of his truck, to help them move the car. Meanwhile, traffic was amassing. The truck driver had to drive the car, with all occupants out of the tunnel, walk back and get his truck. I can't imagine what traffic was like. It was 1956 or so. My father was one of the kids in the car and they still talk about it. My grandmother never drove again.

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