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Truck vs. tree in the North End: Truck wins

Truck takes out tree in the North End

Jay surveyed the damage outside Cantina Italiana on Hanover Street this morning.

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to have a truck that large driving around the North End.

The city could (and should) enact requirements that deliveries in Boston Proper be made with smaller trucks.

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You have experience in distribution?

Do you think prices will go up or down if the costs of transporting goods into the city increase?

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It costs $21 for a plate of gnocchi at Catlina Italiana. I really don't care if the tourists have to pay $25 or $27. Or if the Mr. Colella and the other owners who don't even live in Boston need to live with slightly smaller profits.

"But it'll cost MOAR!!!" is such a lame excuse.

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But if you use smaller trucks, there will be moar of them to complain about. Larger trucks are a thing now. ask the bean counters about cost per case . Maybe the drivers should work for free, that might help level the playing field some,

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Prices may increase slightly. That would seem a small price to pay.

However, the current system does not price in the externalities of the "drive a huge truck everywhere" distribution system. How much will we all pay because we have one less tree downtown in reduced air quality? How much does it cost when our roads are less safe because we have big trucks on narrow cow-path streets? How much traffic congestion is caused by trucks like this making deliveries which could probably be made by a van or even an electric bicycle?

Maybe a tube of toothpaste would cost an extra quarter. But maybe that's a small price to pay to improve many other things.

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These giant trucks are not only a danger to trees, they have taken the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. They need to be banned.

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Pretty sure the cost of planting a new city sidewalk tree is like 400$ and that's not accounting for maintaining it.

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You have experience in common sense? The north end existed long before motor vehicles were invented. Big trucks are the opposite of necessary there.

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The North End also existed before indoor plumbing. But it's still a useful thig to have today.

(Yes, I know there was indoor plumbing in ancient Rome. But not in colonial North America.)

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Large vehicles go in and out of the North End 24/7

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Losing this tree is a shame. We have such a skimpy canopy in the neighborhood, so I hope the City makes the company replace this tree.

The City should also commit to increasing the North End canopy.

Climate Ready Boston projects that most of the North End will face very high daytime land surface temperatures. Fortunately, trees help mitigate this urban heat island effect.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The second best time is today.

See the interactive Climate Ready map: https://www.boston.gov/departments/environment/climate-ready-boston-map-...

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The BEST time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

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Or actually, early spring at this point.

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...the next best time to plant a tree is today.

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Truly a tragedy to lose even one.

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