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West Roxbury's Squealing Pig closes for good

The Squealing Pig on Centre Street announced today it has permanently shut.

We would like to thank our Loyal Customers and employees, especially those who supported us through these difficult times! We are forever grateful. Best Wishes to all!

Diarmuid O'Neill replaced the old West Roxbury Pub in 2014 with an upscale Irish pub called Eat with Jack O'Neill, then changed the name to match his other Squealing Pig outlets in 2018, with an emphasis on pizza made in an wood-fired oven.

Although the inside was a complete change from the former pub, O'Neill kept the exterior mural that combines a scene of old Centre Street with a painting that is a subtly modified version of a photo of James Michael Curley shaking hands with Dapper O'Neil. Until last week, the restaurant's large front windows featured giant letters spelling out "OPEN."



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This little piggy closed for good.

I was just about to call them and order some of their delicious fish & chips for dinner. What a shame.


I never loved it like I used to love the original Pig in Mission Hill but it felt like it would have gotten better over time.


is in Provincetown.


Does anyone have good news about the Galway House reopening? It's been part of my life in JP since I was a teen in the 70s. I'm seriously depressed.


He just doesn’t think it’s safe enough to reopen yet. He doesn’t want to put his employees at risk. He’s gonna wait a while longer but they’re not going anywhere.


That place fell off a long time ago.


Hope that isn’t true. Love that place. Has a unique feel to it. Reminds me of the old York Steak House (now IHOP or Unos?) for some nostalgic reason.


Loved York Steakhouse as a kid...I thought it was “fancy.”lol

I always wondered what the Midway (Dedham) was like. I imagine a beef-favored version of Fontaine's. (A trip straight back to 1965.)

(York's steak house is now Uno's)

Because I remember the lighting at Fontaine's being a sharp florescent style lighting that always stood out to me for some reason. The Midway isn't exactly the same but also has a distinct lighting as well.

But for the Midway picture a large rectangular room, with a rectangular bar in the middle of the room with stools bolted into the floor all around. Then there are booths around the bar for regular service. I would go once or twice a year. Average age is probably 50+ but I always liked it for some reason. Good Jambalaya, a lot of Keno, Trivia, carafes filled with goldfish snacks, and sometimes an old time band.

This makes me want to ask Adam to start a list of comments entitled "Please Let Me Know About Places I Have Driven By 1000 Times But Have Never Been In." I had driven by the Midway multiple thousands of times, but did not go in until last year. Now, it's one of my favorite neighborhood joints -- full of life, solid food, pour a good drink. The Halfway, also on Washington Street, the same way -- finally went in last year and had a great burger and beer. There are hundreds more of these places that look a little intimidating to the uninitiated, but which are probably terrific (and well-worth our support). I would like to know about more (like Kelleher's in Rozzie; Galway House in JP, etc.)

PS -- Went to Squealing Pig twice -- the just did not have the concept together, even though the food was alright. Irish place selling pizza is not exactly a winning product.

Real good southwest/buffalo egg rolls.

I also like what they did with Napper Tandy's in Roslindale.

Never bothered to get there due to my Pleasant Cafe loyalty but how is Tony's in WR? I assume very old school, red sauce and garlic bread kind of place?

And nothing compares to the Pleasant, but places like Tony's in the WR/JP/Ros region are few and far between these days.

Why do people always forget HP when they say WR/JP./Ros

Although personally I don't go to Hyde Park much. I didn't as a kid growing up either.

I understand. Until I moved here, I would no have said it. It is a bit too suburban for me but it is home for now.

Midway is not closing - they were closed for the 4th holiday (they do that every year). They are doing good business, are excited to be having customers and all the regulars back, and have a nice outdoor tent and are also doing indoor seating. If you have not been there you should go.


Had dinner at the midway on friday night. pistashio-crusted haddock was delicious.

The mural of Dapper and Curley displays a Type #4 streetcar from the Boston Elevated Railway (before the MTA and MBTA). However, it is painted green. The streetcars of those days were painted a bright orange.

The mural artist used Green because at the time it was painted the MBTA was using a green livery for its new LRV fleet and its older PCC streetcars to match the line's name, i.e. Green Line.

So, it's a nice mural and it captured the two gents well, but the technical error somewhat stands out.