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Whitecaps on the Charles

Whitecaps on the Charles River

Michele Scarlata looked out his window at the evidence of just how windy it is this afternoon.

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Walking down Beacon St this morning I couldn't see the Hancock or the Prudential.

they were taken in for repairs.

Nice to see it visualized.

This photo reminds me of a question I have occasionally pondered...

In a time of climate change, rising sea levels, and the growing realization that it's untenable (for all sorts of reasons) to build/maintain buildings & infrastructure at shorelines and in floodzones; and the growing understanding of the limitations of trying to build the natural environment into submission and the advantages of building within the limitations of the environment...
...when are we going to stop all of this foolishness with dams and made land and rerouting rivers underground and filling flood plains and talk of harbor flood gates? When are we going to return our harbor and mighty rivers to their natural state?

Like the daylighting of the Muddy River? Brought a previously covered over river back to the open just in the past couple of years.

Remove the dams, see how far tidal & storm surges go up the Charles, let nature reclaim the Back Bay, fill in Mother Brook...